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Bed Raisers, Hoists, Ladders & Blanket Cradles

Our range of Bed Raisers, Hoists, Ladders & Blanket Cradles offer a range of solutions to make getting in and out of bed more manageable, as well as making your time in bed more comfortable and helping you to maintain your independence.

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Bed Hoists

Getting in and out of bed can be a struggle for those with limited mobility. Ability Superstore’s selection of bed hoists can make life a little better, enabling you to maintain your independence and make it easier to get in and out of bed and adjust your position.

Bed Ladders  

A bed ladder is a lightweight but sturdy rope ladder that can be securely attached to the foot of your bed. It allows you to pull yourself up from a lying position, or you can re-adjust your position within the bed for maximum comfort.

These simple yet highly effective mobility aids allow you to move around within your bed without needing assistance from others.

Bed Hoists

For a more heavy-duty bed aid, an over-bed pole hoist can help with transfers both in and out of bed and makes it easier to move from a bed to a chair, or a mobility aid, such as a wheelchair, or a shower chair, for example. 

A mobile hoist offers a long-term solution for ongoing mobility needs and can remove the need for permanent and costly home adaptations.

Hoists can reduce the risk of falls and help keep you and your carers safe. 

Bed Raisers

With the help of bed raisers, you can adjust your bed and furniture so that it’s the perfect height for your needs.

Bed raisers are for people who find standard beds too low or uncomfortable to get into or out of and are a great help for many people. 

The simple and highly effective design of bed raisers makes them easy to fit and allows you to continue using your existing bed in comfort and safety.

At Ability Superstore, our collection of raisers includes a variety of designs, including both adjustable raisers and screw-in versions. You can also choose from wooden, plastic, or metal styles to suit your existing furniture and decor. 

If you need to find the measurement you require for bed raisers, see our guide on How To Measure For Furniture Raisers.

Adjustable Bed Raisers

Adjustable bed raisers can raise your bed in increments, so you can find the ideal height to easily transfer into and out of bed without difficulty or discomfort.  

These clever mobility aids offer an alternative to replacing your bed and help keep you independent. 

Blanket / Bed Cradles

Blanket / bed cradles are mobility aids specifically designed to keep sheets, blankets, duvets and other bedding away from your body without compromising warmth or comfort.

A blanket / bed cradle is usually lightweight but sturdy and can help reduce irritation and overheating and improve circulation and airflow around your skin.

These mobility aids are ideal for people at high risk of developing pressure sores or those with existing skin problems, sores, wounds, or painful limbs that need time to heal.  

The Ability Superstore range of blanket / bed cradles features adjustable and folding options in white or chrome to suit your needs and home decor. 

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