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Ramps are a simple, yet effective mobility aid upgrade for the home, and are ideal for people with restricted mobility, or health conditions that limits movement, and for those who use a wheelchair to get around on a regular basis.

— 30 items in Ramps —

Rubber Threshold Ramps
£24.99 with VAT Relief
Aluminium-Threshold-Ramp 80cm
£43.32 with VAT Relief
Mobility aid fibreglass threshold ramp
£112.49 with VAT Relief
Adjustable Threshold Ramp
£97.49 with VAT Relief
Suitcase-Ramps 3 feet
£79.99 with VAT Relief
Modular-Ramp-Kits Kit 1
£62.49 with VAT Relief
Roll-Up Ramp 3 ft
£81.65 with VAT Relief
Roll Up Aluminium Ramp
£82.49 with VAT Relief
Ramp-Threshold-Fibreglass Ramp Threshold Fibreglass
£91.66 with VAT Relief
Fibreglass Folding Threshold Ramp
£342.49 with VAT Relief
Doorframe-Ramp Doorframe Ramp
£152.49 with VAT Relief
Advantage Trifold Ramp
£403.33 with VAT Relief
Smart-Ramp--6-ft Smart Ramp  6 ft
£239.16 with VAT Relief
The ideal alternative to fibre glass is the threshold mobility aid ramp
£121.66 with VAT Relief
Axcess Roll Up Ramp
£104.16 with VAT Relief
Advantage Suitcase Ramps
£214.99 with VAT Relief
Ramp-Fibreglass-Scooter-Midway-Fold-1.8m/6ft Ramp Fibreglass Scooter Midway Fold 1.8m/6ft
£318.33 with VAT Relief
Folding-Access-Channel-Ramps 2.4m / 8ft
£349.99 with VAT Relief
Telescopic-Channel-Ramps 7ft
£74.16 with VAT Relief
Fibreglass Folding Channel Ramp
£442.49 with VAT Relief
Axcess Telescopic Channel Ramps
£258.33 with VAT Relief
Channel-Ramp 2.1 metre - 7 ft
£155.83 with VAT Relief
Axcess-Telescopic-Broad-Ramp 2 metres
£304.99 with VAT Relief
Axcess-Fixed-Length-Broad-Ramp 24 inches
£99.99 with VAT Relief
Ricmar-Threshold-Ramps 3cm height
£62.49 with VAT Relief

Ramps help people navigate uneven terrain and changes in ground height. They can be particularly useful for bridging doorways and entryways with a step, and for making areas of the home, or garden, more accessible, or for enabling a wheelchair to be rolled up into a car boot, for example.

Fibreglass, Rubber, Or Aluminium Ramps

Ability Superstore’s range of ramps consists of a variety of styles. We have threshold ramps, channel ones and telescopic ramps, as well as folding, roll-up ramps, and two-sided ones, so you can be sure to find a solution that suits your needs and environment.

Our wheelchair ramps are also designed to work with a range of mobility aids, such as attendant-propelled, or self-propelled wheelchairs, powerchairs and scooters.

The ramps come in a wide choice of materials, including fibreglass, rubber, or aluminium.

If you are looking for a ramp to aid with accessibility, our guide on How To Buy A Ramp can help you choose the right one for your needs.