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Pet Care

As animal lovers ourselves, we understand that your pets are an important part of your family and you want to give them the best care possible. Ability Superstore’s Pet Care range includes a variety of mobility aids to make looking after and caring for your pets as easy as possible. All of these can be found below. 

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Our extensive Pet Care range features traditional pet supplies, as well as adapted products with special features to help pet owners living with reduced mobility, or health conditions, look after their pets. We even have pet mobility aids to help the elderly, or disabled pets in your life. 

Pet Products for the Home

Our collection of Pet Care aids make sharing your home with your pet comfortable and pleasant for both of you. Raised feeding bowls make dinnertime easier for your four-legged friends and will also make cleaning up afterwards a doddle.

Heating pads and cooling pads can help your pet stay comfortable whatever the weather, and pet safety gates ensure that curious puppies, or elderly dogs, don’t stray into areas that might be harmful to them, such as steep staircases, or busy kitchens. 

We also have handy pet products, such as no-rinse shampoo that can make bathtime fuss-free and an easier task for owners who might struggle to wash their pet in a bath. 

Pet Supplies and Travel Products 

Our disability pet supplies are a great choice for senior pets living with conditions, such as arthritis, or dogs who are less mobile due to recent injury, or surgery. 

Raised beds offer a comfortable, yet supportive place to sleep for dogs with joint issues, raising them up from cold floors and draughts.

Ability Superstore's selection of clever, foldable ramps can be used as a mobility aid to provide your dog with easy access to a car, caravan, or elevated furniture that they might otherwise struggle to reach without assistance. Pet ramps can also protect your back from strain and are helpful for pet owners with mobility issues of their own.   

Our Pet Care collection also includes travel accessories to make trips with your pet more enjoyable. With our selection of car seat protectors, harnesses, dog ramps and travel bowls, days out and holidays with your furry friend can be stress-free.

Pet Care Outside    

We also stock torches and safety equipment, such as high visibility leads, to make those wintertime, or evening dog walks, safer for you both, and Ability Superstore's long-handled aids, such as a long-handled pooper scooper, can make the less pleasant tasks, like cleaning up, easier by removing the need to bend, or strain.

Pet Care Made Easy

All the Pet Care products in the Ability Superstore range are designed to make life easier for you and to give your pet the very best care possible. So, whether you’re looking for a grooming glove, or you want a light-up jacket, or a travel water bottle, you’ll find something in our collection to suit every pet and owner.

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