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Crufts Travel Pet Water Bottle

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£5.99 inc VAT

Crufts Pet Water Bottle Quick Facts:

  • Keep your dog hydrated on walks 
  • Ideal for areas with potentially dirty or toxic water like more urban areas
  • Holds 750ml , plenty to keep your dog hydrated for hours
  • Great for summer walks to prevent your dog from overheating
  • Leak and spill proof
  • Water holder allows your dog to easily drink as they would from their bowl

Make sure your dog never goes thirsty again during your walks with our Travel Pet Water Bottle. Staying hydrated for a dog is extremely important for a healthy and well behaved dog - especially when on walks and out. This essential piece of kit allows your dog to have access to safe and clean drinking water at all times. The bottle has a capacity of 750ml - perfect for keeping your pet hydrated on a day out. The bottle is ideal for the car and walks and has been designed to avoid leaks and spills, encouraging safe, secure and comfortable travel for pets and their owners. 

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