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Walking Zimmer Frames

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One of the most well-known walking aids is the walking zimmer frame. Although commonly known as zimmer frames, you may be surprised to know that zimmer is just one make of walking frame, but much like hoover, the word has become synonymous with walking frames.

These walking aids are, apart from walking sticks and crutches, the oldest of the walking aids and the fact they are still such a popular mobility aid today is a testament to how brilliant and timeless their design is.

Walking zimmer frames are one of the most versatile of walking aids and they can be used in the home, and healthcare environments in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes. 

Here at Ability Superstore, we have a large range of walking zimmer frames in all of their different guises. We also supply mobility and walking aids to the NHS, so if you are looking at placing a larger order we are more than happy to help.

With so much choice available it is not always easy to decide which would be the best walking frame for you or a loved one.

So, let's have a closer look at the different types of walking frames on offer and how they could be of benefit to you.

Non-Folding Walking Zimmer Frames

Non-folding walking zimmer frames are the most traditional of these walking aids and probably the one that you immediately picture.

However, these days there isn't just one, non-folding, grey, metallic walking zimmer frame to choose from.

Our collection of non-folding walking zimmer frames covers many different popular brands including Drive Medical, Performance Health, Aidapt and Herdegen.

Along with the standard non-folding walking zimmer frame, there are zimmer frames that have an adjustable height. So, you can walk in comfort and with a posture that is not only beneficial for you healthwise, it also makes walking much easier and less stressful.

We also provide wheeled walking zimmer frames, these are particularly useful if you have limited hand and body strength, as these walking aids just have to be tipped up, then the castor wheels make it easy to move and position the zimmer frame.

Most of our walking zimmer frames are made from aluminium, which is strong and sturdy, but light to move and touch.

Walking zimmer frames aren't all the same size these days either, we have zimmer frames that are extra narrow, narrow, wide, extra wide and frames that have been specifically made to be used by children.

As you can see, the choice of walking zimmer frame is rather impressive, but wait, we haven't finished yet!

Bariatric walking zimmer frames are made to accommodate much more weight than standard zimmer frames, and forearm padded walking zimmer frames are designed to support you with the weight of your arms instead of your hands.

Bright coloured walking zimmer frames are particularly useful for those living with dementia and use in hospitals and care home as they can be easily identified.

Folding Walking Zimmer Frames

You may have already guessed as the clue is in the title, but folding walking zimmer frames also have other beneficial functions that you may not have known about.

For example, The EZ Fold-N-Go Walker is the world's smallest-folding walker. The Nimbo Posterior Posture Walker is a range of walking frames in different colours that have been designed especially for children.

The Drive Bariatric Folding Walking Frame is larger, wider zimmer frame and can accommodate much more weight than the standard walking zimmer frames.

Of course, the most obvious benefit of a walking zimmer frame is its portability. Being able to be folded up means that they can be taken on public transport or in a car. It also means that they can be store when not in use. Especially useful if you don't have a lot of space at home.

All of the folding walking zimmer frames are easy to fold, there is no multi-page booklet or complicated screws or fittings required.

Walking Zimmer Frame Accessories

There's also a variety of handy accessories available for walking zimmer frames, enabling you to carry various items with you when walking around the house. If you are unsure about which type of walking frame to buy, see our guide on how to buy a walking zimmer frame or call us free on 0800 255 0498.