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Folding Walking Frames

Folding walking frames are a safe, secure and practical mobility aid. They make an ideal walking aid for people living with long-term health conditions, or restricted mobility, that makes getting around independently difficult.

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Walking frames provide secure, sturdy support, both in the home and outside, but typically, they've always had a solid design, meaning that they take up a lot of space and are difficult to transport.

Ability Superstore’s collection of contemporary folding walking frames combine durable frames with four sturdy legs, alongside the practicality of being able to be folded, so that they can easily be stored, or transported.

These mobility aids are a great choice for homes, or apartments, where space is limited. Unlike a non-folding Zimmer frame, you don’t have to worry about your walking aid getting in the way and becoming a trip hazard itself! The frame can quickly and easily be folded up to neatly pack away when not in use.

Wheeled and Non-Wheeled Zimmer Frames

Ability Superstore's range includes folding Zimmer frames with and without wheels, including two-wheeled and four-wheeled options to suit your needs and preferences. We also have specialist walker frames, such as bariatric Zimmer walking frames.

These mobility aids come in a range of designs, styles and colourways, meaning you can walk safely and independently, in style and confidence.

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