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Ability Superstore's range of powerchairs and electric wheelchairs offer comfort, safety and independence for people who need to use a wheelchair regularly and would like a motorised option.

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Powerchairs are an ideal mobility aid for anyone with limited mobility, or a long-term medical condition that impacts ability to get around without the support of a wheelchair.

Powerchairs help you get safely from A to B and improves accessible living. They are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and are designed to be sturdy, yet lightweight.

Ability Superstore also stocks accessories for your powerchair, such as elevated footrests, to keep you comfortable when you’re on the move.

What Is A Power Stroller?

A power stroller is a way of upgrading a standard wheelchair into a motorised wheelchair. There are both lightweight and heavy-duty power stroller options available that can power both lightweight wheelchairs and heavier models. These are essentially a motor, or engine, that can easily be fitted to your standard wheelchair to transform it into an electric wheelchair.

Electric wheelchairs are a costly mobility aid and may not always suit your needs, whereas, with a power stroller, you have the option of a self-propelled, or motorised chair, at a fraction of the cost. Therefore, this can sometimes be a practical choice and a more economical way of creating a powerchair.

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