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Our paediatric care equipment and children's disability aids are ideal to help children living with disabilities while growing up. With our array of products specifically designed for children, this range has all the specialist paediatric care aids to suit your child's needs.

Sensory Aids

Discover a range of sensory aids designed to provide comfort and stimulation for children. Our selection includes relaxing sensory kits, Chewigem toys for chewing, soothing projectors, ear defenders, and a variety of engaging sensory toys. These aids are crafted to create a calming and enjoyable environment, promoting sensory exploration and well-being for children.

Soft Play and Games

Explore our assortment of soft play and games, tailored to provide a safe and enjoyable play experience for children. From soft play floor mats and cushions to comforting plush toys, ColorCards for learning, and a selection of foam shapes and rockers, we offer a range of options to encourage playtime, creativity, and physical development in a secure, nurturing setting.

Paediatric Walking Aids

Our paediatric walking aids are thoughtfully designed to support the mobility and independence of children. This category features walking frames and crutches specifically crafted for young users. With ergonomic considerations and durable construction, these aids provide stability and confidence for children as they explore their surroundings.

Paediatric Toileting Aids

We understand the importance of comfort and safety in toileting for children. Our paediatric toileting aids collection includes toilet seat ring reducers, convenient changing tables, nappy liners, and supportive toilet frames. These aids are tailored to create a secure and hygienic environment, fostering independence and confidence during essential daily routines.

Paediatric Dining Aids

Make mealtimes enjoyable and stress-free with our range of paediatric dining aids. From gripped cutlery for enhanced dexterity to brightly coloured plates, two-handled cups, and feeding spoons, we offer a selection of aids designed to facilitate independent eating for children. These aids promote a positive dining experience, encouraging self-sufficiency and confidence.

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