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Ability Life

Insights Of An Occupational Therapist (OT)

September 23, 2020

I was asked to give some insights into my work. I thought the best way for me to share this was by telling you about a case I’ve been involved in.

Cancer Charity

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2020

September 23, 2020

Friday 25 September is the date for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, an annual event hosted by Macmillan Cancer Support. But what happens at the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, and where did it all begin?

The Great British Bake Off Is Back!

September 22, 2020

Tonight at 8pm sees the return of disasters, terrible, ill-conceived ideas collapsing and badly planned things slowly falling apart. But if you don’t want to watch Boris Jonson, then The Great British Bake Off is on Channel 4 at the same time.

National Fitness Day – 23 September 2020 – Fitness Unites

September 22, 2020

Time To Draw A Line Under Inactivity And Move Forward With A Healthier, Happier You!


World Alzheimer's Day

September 19, 2020

September is World Alzheimer’s month and the 21 September is World Alzheimer’s day. This year the theme for World Alzheimer’s month is ‘Let’s Talk About Dementia.’

Style And Sustenance: Why Adapted Cutlery Makes For Easier Mealtimes

September 19, 2020

Of all the tools humans have invented, cutlery is among the most commonly used. From everyday cutlery to adapted ones, design really is everything.

Disabilities and Loneliness: How Sense Is Working To Tackle These Issues

September 19, 2020

The disabilities charity Sense has committed to tackling isolation and loneliness. But what exactly does this mean?

Are You Sitting Comfortably? Hints and Tips For Working from Home

September 18, 2020

With around half the UK workforce still working from home in September 2020, we run through some basics to consider.

What Do The Terms ‘Disability Aids’ And ‘Mobility Aids’ Mean?

September 11, 2020

The terms ‘disability aids’ and ‘mobility aids’ are often used to describe the same things, but is there a difference?

Sitting Pretty – A Short History Of Bedpans

September 10, 2020

From pewter to plastic, medical history to politics, we dive headfirst into the history of bedpans (well, not literally), paying homage to an item that rarely gets the recognition it deserves.

blood pressure

Know Your Numbers! Week

September 08, 2020

It is thankfully, nothing to do with division, long division, fractions, or algebra. Know Your Numbers! Week is all about high blood pressure, let us explain what it all means and what you can do to join in!

The Benefits Of Owning A Pet

September 04, 2020

As any pet owner will confirm, having a pet around provides a multitude of benefits to both a person’s mental and physical health and well-being.


International Day of Charity

September 04, 2020

5 September is International Day of Charity. But, in a world of international days such as Penguin Awareness Day (are we not all aware of penguins already?) what makes International Day of Charity such a worthy cause?

Walking Sticks Are A Symbol Of Strength And Style

September 03, 2020

Far from being symbols of reduced mobility, walking sticks and canes can also display wealth, status, and show off our inner fashionista!

What Are The Best Walking Sticks For Countryside Walks?

August 31, 2020

With the UK slowly emerging from lockdown, more of us are starting to plan walks. And, if you could do with a little extra help, it’s important to choose the right walking stick for you.

mobility aids

What Is A Mobility Aid?

August 29, 2020

If you search ‘mobility aids’ on Google, you will notice the results are so varied that you could literally spend days reading about mobility aids. So, today we are going to try to make life simpler and find out exactly what is a mobility aid?

covid-19 help

What Is A Face Mask?

August 28, 2020

With the news, this week, that secondary school pupils in some areas in England will have to wear face masks in certain parts of their schools when they go back in September, now is as good a time as any to answer a question we have seen asked often, what is a face mask?

How Do We Get More People With Mobility Issues Cycling?

August 27, 2020

Initiatives such as the Cyclescheme are for everyone. How can we encourage more of us onto a bike?

coronavirus laundry care

What Type of Laundry Bag Do You Need?

August 26, 2020

Coronavirus has changed all our lives and personal protective equipment, or PPE, and laundry bags have been in short supply. So, what type of laundry bag do you need?


Who Are The British Healthcare Trade Association?

August 26, 2020

If you have ever seen the BHTA logo on our mobility aids website or on other health care and disability aids sites, you may have wondered what they do and who they are.