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Reachers, Grabbers and Gripping Aids

Our range of reachers and long-handled grabbers are designed to make life easier for people with reduced mobility, or reach, or limited dexterity. These mobility aids help you retrieve hard-to-reach items without the need for bending, or straining. They’re perfect for people living with back problems, or who are recovering from a recent illness, injury, or surgery, such as a hip replacement. We also have a range of aids to help you pull plugs out of sockets. Click on any of the images below to see our vast range.

Many extended grabbers and reachers are suitable for those who have weakened grip, or poor hand mobility, such as those living with arthritis, or conditions that cause tremors. They can help you reach and securely grasp an item you need without discomfort, or the risk of it slipping from your grip.

The Ability Superstore collection of reaching aids features many different lengths and variations to suit different needs, as well as including additional features, such as folding styles for on the go, locking styles for added stability and magnetic tips and suction grips.

Hip Kits

Hip Kits are useful reaching and grabbing aids selected especially to aid with recovery from hip replacement surgery. The kits feature handy mobility aids, such as long-handled reachers, along with other items to help you wash and dress easily. Hip kits promote independence during healing and recovery.

Gripping Aids

If you struggle with gripping, or grasping smaller items, or find keys too fiddly, our range of turners and grippers are ideal little gadgets to help you with everyday tasks. Turners act as extensions to give you something to hold for an easier grip and turning motion, whether it is on household keys, or taps.

Turners and grippers are available in a range of styles and colours, including options for high visibility, as well as blue and red tap heads for clarity and safety.

Our key turners and tap head-turners have been designed to offer a secure grip with contoured handles. The tap turners are also available in different styles to suit the tap heads in your home.

We also stock an assortment of plug pulls, which are handy devices to help make the pulling of plugs from sockets safer and easier for people with limited grip.

Staying Independent

Reachers, grabbers and turner mobility aids can help you stay independent in your everyday tasks and make normal activities of daily living, such as running a bath, reaching items from shelves and cupboards, or locking and unlocking doors, much easier and frustration-free.

If you have any questions about our reaching, grabbing and gripping aids, or are uncertain about which is the right option for you, we’re always happy to help.

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