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What are Waterproof Bedding and Protectors?

Waterproof bedding and protectors are special types of bedding that can withstand moisture and liquids without getting damaged, meaning you don’t have to worry about spills or accidents ruining your bedding, mattress or sleep. These bedroom aids are designed to help keep you dry during the night, as it’s important to stay as dry as possible during sleep so that bacteria, sweat and moisture from your body can’t thrive and build up.   

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Waterproof bedding and protectors are also sometimes referred to as moisture-resistant bedding, or simply, hygienic bedding, and tends to have either a micropile or hydrophobic coating that makes it resistant to water and moisture.

Ability Superstore’s range of waterproof bedding features discreet mattress protectors, bed pads, duvet and pillowcase protectors, all in a range of styles, colours and sizes to suit your specific needs.  

Our mobility aids are chosen with both your comfort and practicality in mind, ensuring that anyone living with incontinence is able to have a dry and comfortable night without embarrassment.   

Waterproof Bedding 

Many of our waterproof bedding options are rustle-free and feel just like a standard duvet, or pillow, making them as discreet as they are effective.    

Waterproof bedding protectors can reduce the cost and hassle of needing to frequently replace items due to staining, or odours, for example.    

Disposable or Reusable Bedding?

Our wide range of waterproof bedding and protectors includes reusable (washable) options, which make the perfect incontinence mobility aid for long-term, everyday use.    

We also stock disposable bed pads, which are ideal for quick, incontinence protection and are perfect disability aids for trips away, or as a short-term solution. 

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