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Dressing Aids

At Ability Superstore, we understand how important it is to stay independent when living with limited mobility, or a long-term health condition. That’s why our collection of dressing aids features a wide range of mobility aids to assist with the everyday task of getting dressed.

— 61 items in Dressing Aids —

shows a Soxon Sock Aid
£10.83 with VAT Relief
the image shows the Sock-EEZ-Sock-Remover One size in blue
£24.99 with VAT Relief
The image shows all the items in the easy reach kit
£15.83 with VAT Relief
Hip Replacement Recovery Kit
£19.16 with VAT Relief
shows the standard size ezy on compression sock and stocking aid
£12.49 with VAT Relief
shows the black plastic handled button hook zipper
£3.33 with VAT Relief
Slip-Lift-Pants-Aid Standard
£33.33 with VAT Relief
the image shows the hip replacement dressing kit
£10.83 with VAT Relief
the image shows the foxy sock and stocking aid
£7.49 with VAT Relief
Terry-Cloth-Sock-and-Tights-Aids Sock
£5.26 with VAT Relief
Sock Aid Slider
£9.16 with VAT Relief
Ezy As Compression Stocking Applicator
£49.99 with VAT Relief
Plastic-Shoe-Horn Yellow
£3.33 with VAT Relief
Tights-Aid Tights Aid
Homecraft Dorking Tights Aid
£6.66 with VAT Relief
Fishermans Legs/Pro Dress Assist Pack
£32.49 with VAT Relief
The image shows the Etac Socky Stocking Aid
£14.16 with VAT Relief
Homecraft Dorking Tights Assist
Save £11.33
Was £37.99
Now £26.66
with VAT Relief
Button-Hook-with-Built-Up-Handle Button Hook with Built Up Handle
£8.33 with VAT Relief
Buckingham Bra Angel Dressing Aid
£24.99 with VAT Relief
Jobst-Stocking-Aid Jobst Stocking Aid
£35.83 with VAT Relief
shows a young woman in a wheelchair, using the Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand to style her hair with one hand
£44.99 with VAT Relief
Chromed-Shoehorn One size
£4.99 with VAT Relief
Sock-and-Stocking-Aid Two handles
£19.16 with VAT Relief
The image shows the Long Handled Brush and Comb side-by-side
£10.83 with VAT Relief
shows all the items included in the Hip Kit, including a long-handled sponge, a plastic shoe horn, a reacher/grabber and a poly stocking aid.
£19.16 with VAT Relief

Our carefully chosen selection can help make your morning routine easier, allowing you to maintain your independence when dressing and keep you confident and comfortable.

Dressing aids are useful for anyone living with restricted mobility, either due to disability, or a health condition and for those recovering from recent injury, or surgery. These cleverly designed products help you get dressed without pain, strain, or difficulty.

Sock Aids and Shoehorns

Sock aids are the perfect companion to help you pop on your socks, tights, or stockings whilst long-handled shoehorns are the quick fix to getting your foot into tricky shoes.

Dressing Sticks And Zip Pulls

Dressing sticks are handy mobility aids that give you an extended reach to pull on sleeves and pant legs, as the stick provides a hooked head to help position and move clothes.

Zip pulls make easy work of opening and closing zippers on your clothing.

Our range also includes innovative products, such as the versatile Bra Angel and the hands-free hair dryer stand.