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Over Bed Tables

Our Over Bed Tables are designed to make daily tasks, such as eating in bed, or in a wheelchair, more comfortable and manageable. These mobility aids also provide a stable surface to allow you to take part in other activities that are easier with a table top, such as working at a laptop, craft activities, reading and writing, for example. 

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What is an Over Bed Table and how is it used?

An Over Bed Table is a versatile piece of furniture designed to provide a convenient surface for various activities when resting in bed. It typically features a flat, adjustable top that can be tilted or raised to accommodate different positions. It's perfect for reading, using a laptop, having meals, or engaging in hobbies while in bed.

What are the key features to consider when choosing an Over Bed Table?

When selecting an Over Bed Table, consider features like height adjustability, tilt function, stability, and mobility. Look for a sturdy frame with smooth-rolling casters, a durable table top, and easy-to-use height adjustment mechanisms. These features ensure that the table meets the specific needs of the user.

How do you adjust the height of an Over Bed Table?

Adjusting the height of an Over Bed Table typically involves using a lever or knob mechanism. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific table model. It's important to secure the table at the desired height to ensure stability during use.

Can an Over Bed Table be used for activities other than dining or working?

Absolutely! In addition to dining or working, an Over Bed Table can be used for a variety of activities. It provides a convenient surface for reading, writing, doing crafts, using a laptop, or even enjoying leisure activities like puzzles or board games.

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