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Bed Raisers

With the help of bed raisers, you can adjust your bed and furniture so that it’s the perfect height for your needs. Bed raisers are for people who find standard beds too low or uncomfortable to get into or out of and are a great help for many people. At Ability Superstore, our collection of raisers includes a variety of designs, including both adjustable raisers and screw-in versions. You can also choose from wooden, plastic, or metal styles to suit your existing furniture and decor.

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What are Bed Raisers and how are they used?

Bed Raisers are specialized furniture accessories designed to elevate the height of a bed. They are typically placed under the legs or supports of a bed frame to provide additional height. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who may have difficulty getting in and out of bed due to mobility issues.

What are the benefits of using Bed Raisers?

Using Bed Raisers offers several advantages. They can provide easier access to the bed for individuals with limited mobility or those recovering from surgery. Additionally, they can create additional storage space underneath the bed, making it a practical solution for smaller living spaces.

How do you choose the right Bed Raisers for your bed?

When selecting Bed Raisers, consider factors like the weight capacity of the raisers, the height you wish to achieve, and the type of bed frame or legs you have. Ensure that the raisers are compatible with the bed's design and that they provide stable support.

Are there different types of Bed Raisers available?

Yes, Bed Raisers come in various materials and designs. Common options include plastic, metal, or wood raisers. Some are equipped with non-slip surfaces for added stability. Choose the type of Bed Raisers that best suits your specific needs and preferences.


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