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Homelifts and Stairlifts

Courtesy of our partnership with Companion, Ability Superstore brings you a range of homelift and stairlift products to upgrade your home and make everyday life easier. 

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This range of affordable and reliable mobility aids are designed for people living with restricted mobility, or health conditions, that make moving around the home difficult.

This stylish and versatile collection includes through-the-floor homelifts, that are suitable for both wheelchair and able-bodied users and a range of stairlifts to make moving between the floors of your home quick, easy and safe.


A lift removes the stress and worry of navigating staircases and means you can continue to live in your home, even if your mobility needs change. They can help you remain independent. 

Homelifts from Companion come in a range of sizes and styles. There are space-saving lift solutions, designed to integrate into your existing home without taking over your space, and larger lifts which are ideal for those wanting more space inside the lift car. The lifts are suitable for wheelchair users, as well as able-bodied passengers.

These disability aids offer fully-enclosed and half-panel designs to suit your preference. 

The through-the-floor homelifts require minimal building work in order to fit, meaning your lift can be up and running without extensive disruption to your home, or life.

Modern homelifts come with a variety of features to make life easier and keep you safe, such as in-car and wireless controls, smoke alarms and handrails.

The lift cars can be parked at any level and are designed to be whisper-quiet when in use. All the lifts are customisable to your preferences and requirements with choices on every aspect from the colour and finish of the lift panels and flooring, through to the lighting.


Ability Superstore can now also offer stairlifts to help you move between levels in a safe, convenient way.

Stairlifts are the ideal mobility aid for people who struggle to navigate the stairs and would benefit from the support and assistance that a stairlift gives. These disability aids are perfect for people with limited mobility, or long-term health conditions. A stairlift means you don’t need to worry about moving house just because the stairs are becoming a struggle. It can also help to reduce the risk of dangerous slips, trips and falls in your home. With the wide range of stairlift options available, there’s sure to be something to suit your staircase and your needs.

This range of modern stairlifts includes classic and contemporary designs, both straight and curved with features, such as in-built batteries in case of power failure, swivel and fold-up seats, moveable armrests, footplates and safety sensors.

With a choice of colours and styles, it’s easy to find a stairlift that will fit in with your interior decor, providing a subtle yet practical upgrade to your home.

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To request more information and a callback from Companion, please click through to one of the homelift, or stairlift products below and fill out the short, on-screen form. A member of the friendly Customer Care Team at Companion will then call you back within 72 hours to chat about your lift requirements and the various options available.


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