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Back Rests

Back rests are particularly useful for anyone who has acid reflux (indigestion) as it provides an incline which helps the acid to remain in the stomach. The mobility aids also provide support whilst seated, or propped up in bed, providing more support than pillows alone.

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What is a back rest?

A back rest is a supportive device that promotes comfort and proper posture for individuals seated in chairs or other sitting surfaces. It attaches to the back of the seating area, maintaining the natural curvature of the spine.

What are the benefits of a back rest?

A back rest offers improved posture, enhanced comfort, reduced muscle fatigue, prevention of back pain, and increased support for individuals seated in various settings.

What is the use of a back rest for a bed?

A bed back rest, also known as a bed wedge, provides elevated support for the upper body while in a semi-upright or reclined position. It enables comfortable activities like reading or watching television, aids with respiratory issues, and supports post-surgery or injury recovery.

How do you use a back rest?

Attach or position the back rest on the chair or bed according to the manufacturer's instructions. Adjust it to your preferred angle or height. Sit or lie against the back rest, ensuring your back aligns with the cushioned surface, providing increased comfort and support.

Who benefits from using a back rest?

A back rest is beneficial for individuals who spend extended periods sitting and may experience discomfort or strain. This includes individuals with mobility challenges, seniors, office workers, and anyone seeking improved posture and comfort while seated. Back rests are versatile aids that can be used in various settings, from home to office to travel.

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