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Lap Trays

Lap trays are a useful addition to any home and are ideal for enjoying various activities on, from the comfort of your bed, or favourite chair.

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Ability Superstore’s collection of lap trays includes a variety of styles and designs, so you can be sure to find the right tray for your needs without compromising on the appearance, or function.

Lap trays can be used by anyone and are an especially helpful mobility aid for people living with long-term health conditions, or reduced mobility, that could make sitting at a standard table difficult, or uncomfortable. With a lap tray, you can more easily enjoy a meal, read a newspaper, complete a jigsaw, or do a crossword puzzle.

We have many styles to choose from, including non-slip trays, folding variations, as well as some luxury cushioned trays.

Cushioned Lap Trays

Ability Superstore's cushioned mobility aids feature beautiful designs and colours with a padded beanbag cushion underneath for supreme comfort on the lap.

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