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Portable Steps

The Ability Superstore range of portable steps can help you move in and around your home safely, and with ease. Whether you need some help reaching a high shelf, or you just want a safe and secure way to step from your front door to the pavement, we have everything you need.

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Portable steps are simple, yet highly practical mobility aids that are designed to make life easier for people living with reduced mobility, or long-term medical conditions. They can also reduce the risk of accidents and falls, as well as prevent strains, or discomfort.

Whether you have a long-term health condition, or disability, or you’re recovering from a recent illness, injury, or surgery, a portable step can help you continue with your usual activities of daily living, independently and with confidence.

Household Steps 

Our household steps are available in a variety of options to suit all needs. From wooden to metal and plastic, all of our steps benefit from safety features, such as non-slip surfaces that offer secure footing, whether wet, or dry. 

Heavy-duty steps are ideal as a permanent fixture for everyday use, whereas the lightweight steps are handy to manoeuvre around the home to anywhere they may be needed, making them a versatile and cost-effective mobility aid.

Indoor steps can make easy work of climbing into your bath, or into your bed. They also enable you to reach cupboards and shelves in a safe, convenient way. 

Half Steps  

Our portable steps include a choice of half steps suitable for use outside your home. These half steps help to bridge the difference between levels, such as in-between your front door and garden path, for example. Rather than needing to negotiate a full step, which may be difficult for those with reduced mobility, the half-step provides a mid-way point.  

Outdoor steps help you safely navigate steps in and out of doorways, promoting independence and giving you the reassurance of a secure, steady footing. Many of our half-step products also come with the option of handrails to offer further support for those who need it.   

Portable Steps at Ability Superstore

If you’d like some advice on which of our portable steps is the right one for you, our customer service team are always on hand to help.

We supply mobility aids to a range of health and care providers, such as the NHS and private care homes, so you can rest assured that when you order from Ability Superstore, you’ll be dealing with a UK-based company who only offer high-quality mobility aid solutions to make your life easier.

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