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Travel Wheelchairs

Travel wheelchairs and transit chairs are designed with smaller wheels and a lightweight frame, allowing them to be easily pushed by a carer, or loved one. They’re ideal for use for short periods of time.

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Travel wheelchairs make an ideal mobility aid for people with limited mobility, or health conditions, that make it difficult to walk for short periods without assistance and support.

All the travel chairs are folding, meaning that they can easily fit into vehicles and are ideal for travelling, whether you’re going out for the day in a car, or on public transport. These mobility aids are also ideal if you’re going away on holiday.

Lightweight and Sturdy Mobility Aids

Although our travel wheelchairs are lightweight, the chairs are also strong, sturdy and durable, offering secure and reliable support. With easy-to-grip handles and brakes, lightweight frames, puncture-proof swivel wheels, padded, upholstered seats, backrests and footrests, these wheelchairs always offer a comfortable journey.

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