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Bath Boards

Bath boards are popular bathroom aids providing a strong and safe platform to help you to transfer into and out of the bath. Many boards are slatted in style to allow the water to quickly drain back into the bathtub below. A few are more solid (i.e. not slatted) however, these tend to have drainage holes to allow the water to drain into the bath.

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What is the purpose of a bath board?

A bath board is a vital mobility aid designed to facilitate safe and independent bathing for individuals with limited mobility. It provides a stable surface across the bathtub, allowing the user to sit securely while washing. Bath boards offer crucial support, reducing the risk of slips or falls, and granting individuals the confidence to enjoy a soothing bath.

What is the difference between a shower board and a bath board?

Shower boards and bath boards serve similar purposes, but their designs cater to different bathing setups. Shower boards are typically shorter, optimized for use in standalone shower areas, whereas bath boards are longer and tailored to fit securely over a bathtub. Bath boards provide a stable platform for individuals who prefer to bathe while seated in the tub.

How do you install a bath board?

Installing a bath board is a straightforward process. It typically involves adjusting the board's width to fit the bathtub's dimensions and securing it in place using adjustable brackets or clamps. The bath board should rest firmly on the edges of the tub, ensuring stability during use. Detailed installation instructions are provided with each bath board to guide users through the process.

Can you sit on a bath board?

Absolutely, a bath board is expressly designed to support a seated position. Its flat, stable surface provides a comfortable and secure area for individuals to sit while bathing. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who may experience difficulty standing for extended periods or require additional stability during their bathing routine.

Who would use a bath board?

Bath boards are invaluable aids for individuals with varying levels of mobility challenges. They are particularly beneficial for the elderly, individuals recovering from surgery or injury, and anyone with limited strength or balance. Additionally, bath boards are used by caregivers to assist those under their care in achieving a safe and comfortable bathing experience.

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