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Seek out your competitive side or get into the team spirit with our games and activities. The boccia and curling sets are great for use in disability sports and reminiscence games are ideal for anyone living with dementia or in a care home setting. These enjoyable, lighthearted games are perfect for socialising and fun. 


Wooden Egg Cups Pack of 20

£22.00 inc VAT

The Reminiscence Quiz Book

£52.99 inc VAT

Petanque Light

£97.00 inc VAT

Optical Effects Sensory Bag

£238.00 inc VAT

Mega 4 In Line Game

£274.00 inc VAT

Large Print Song Book

£14.99 inc VAT

Large Font Keyboard

From £12.49 with VAT Relief
(£14.99 inc VAT)

Large Dominoes

£22.00 inc VAT

Kurling Target Mat

£32.49 inc VAT

Kurling Stones - Set of 8

£253.00 inc VAT

Kurling Pusher Heads and Handles Set

£22.99 inc VAT

Decades Discussion Cards Pack - 1950 S And 60 S

£58.00 inc VAT

Aroma Dough Blocks - Tub of Six

£46.00 inc VAT

Wooden Boccia / Bocce / Botcha Set

£38.99 inc VAT

Superior Indoor Boccia / Bocce / Botcha set

£254.99 inc VAT

Standard Indoor Boccia / Bocce / Botcha Set

£181.00 inc VAT

Play Boccia / Bocce / Botcha Ramp

£64.00 inc VAT

Mini Boccia Set

£91.99 inc VAT

Lawn Boccia Set

£67.99 inc VAT

Disc boccia

£25.69 inc VAT