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Living Room Aids

Make yourself at home with our comfy and comprehensive range of living room aids and furniture for elderly users. Including a wide range of chairs, cushions and footrests, all designed to provide the optimum comfort when sitting down and relaxing. Featuring disability equipment for the home such as recliner chairs, fireside chairs, footrests and over chair tables and lap trays can assist anyone living with a disability or age-related condition, by providing a comfortable seat or stable surface if mobility is limited. Our specialist cushions and warming blankets help to make the house a home while preventing discomfort. Our range of lighting is ideal for anyone needing high visibility throughout the home.

Chair & Carpet Protectors

Chair Raisers

Cushions & Blankets

Fireside Chairs

Leg & Foot Rests


Over Chair Tables & Trays

Pressure Relief

Riser Recliner Chairs

Rising Aids

Seating aids and support cushions

Our seating aids range from large furniture items such as rise recliners for adjustable seating positions and high-back fireside chairs to help improve posture. Leg supports and footrests provide optimal comfort when resting and our comfortable support cushions and pressure care range offer that bit of extra padding when sitting for long periods. If you struggle with getting up from a seated position, our rising aids and lifting cushions are the perfect addition to your chair as they help you gently rise to your feet.

Our range of chair protectors can help keep seats dry and comfortable and are ideal for anyone living with incontinence. We offer a variety of discreet chair pads with different absorbances depending on the user's needs. Our carpet protector mats are great for use under commode chairs and for extra protection around the home - the reusable options are easily washable and subtle in design.

Adapted living room furniture for extra support

For assistance with eating or reading in bed or in armchairs, our collection of tables and trays can provide a portable way to enjoy a snack or engage in a hobby. Choose from either a cushioned and comfortable lap tray, or an adjustable table with castors. Chair raisers are a great little addition to existing furniture that are ideal for boosting a chair to your required height and can help with conditions such as arthritis or limited post-surgery mobility. Our night lights and touch lamps are ideal for quick visibility around the home while our therapy lights can provide comfort for seasonal affective disorder.