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Fireside Chairs

The Ability Superstore range of luxury fireside chairs and armchairs have been designed to provide support and comfort and are both stylish and practical.

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A fireside chair provides a comfortable and supportive seat to relax and unwind in, and are ideal for people who prefer an armchair to a settee, or sofa.

With high-backs and sturdy armrests, these mobility aids ensure that your posture is supported while sitting and relaxing.

Ability Superstore's fireside chairs are available in a range of designs, including extra-wide ones, adjustable-height, as well as armchairs with matching footstools.

Recliner Chairs

Recliner chairs are a popular choice for people who are looking for the ultimate in comfort when relaxing at home. With built-in footrests to elevate your feet and legs, these fireside chairs also double as mobility aids, promoting proper posture and healthy circulation.

Ability Superstore also have rise and recline chairs. These not only enable you to raise your legs, but the entire chair can be tilted to make it easier to get up from without assistance. This makes them an ideal mobility aid for people living with limited mobility, or any health condition that may make rising from a seated to a standing position difficult.

With a range of fabrics and colours, you are sure to find the ideal chair to match your home decor.

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