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Electronic Mobility Aids

At Ability Superstore, we have a selection of electronic mobility aids to make your daily living easier and to help you make the most of the activities you enjoy.

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These mobility aids are ideal for people living with conditions, such as dementia, or for those with hearing, or visual impairments. 

Mobility Aids for TV and Radio     

Our collection includes TV amplifiers, designed to make listening to your television, or music player, crisp, clear and comfortable, as the volume is boosted to suit your requirements. We also have universal TV remotes to simplify your television watching experience and reduce confusion and frustration. These are a particularly good mobility aid for people who find modern television remotes overwhelming, such as individuals with dementia, or learning difficulties. Likewise, the cleverly designed one-button radio makes listening to your favourite station a breeze.  

For those who are deaf, or hard of hearing, we also stock some other useful mobility aids, such as wireless doorbell and telephone ringers that allow you to easily hear when someone is calling at the door, or is on your phone, meaning you’ll never miss a visitor, or important phone call again.      

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