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Have you been inspired by the athletes at the Tokyo Paralympic games to venture into the exciting world of boccia?

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Boccia (pronounced ‘botcha’) is a ball sport that requires a lot of precision, it is one of only two other Paralympic games sports that does not have an equivalent in the Olympics. 

Initially created for those with cerebral palsy, Boccia was designed to test muscle control, accuracy and coordination. 

Boccia can be played by everyone, and is quite similar to bowls, with two sides competing to throw their set of balls closest to the white target ball, which is called the ‘jack’.

Players compete individually, in pairs, or in teams of three, and the game takes place over a set number of ‘ends’.

Each ‘end’ sees the two sides propel six balls in an attempt to have the ball closest to the jack ball. Players who are unable to release the ball with their hands often use a specially designed boccia ramp.

You can read our guide to Boccia where we go into more detail about the sport and the UK Paralympic team, including the incredibly successful, gold medal-winning, David Smith.

Boccia at Ability Superstore

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Our range of Boccia balls is also from the same company that supplies the official Boccia equipment used at the paralympic games, as approved by the Boccia International Sports Federation.

With a lot of practice, you may even end up representing the UK at future Paralympic Games!

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