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Play Boccia / Bocce / Botcha Ramp

Product Code: 35159

£64.00 inc VAT

  • Can be used as one 2 m ramp or two 1 m ramps
  • Makes Boccia even more accessible to those with limited motor skills
  • Suitable for all ages
  • A vibrant yellow colour ensures that the ramp is visible at all times


Boccia (pronounced botcha) is an internationally recognised game played at the Paralympics.

It was developed so that those with motor conditions or weakened strength.

Using a court and a series of different balls, the player has to try and get their boccia ball closest to the jack.

It can be played by individuals or by teams.

Once all balls have been played in that round, the team whose ball is closest to the jack will win the round.

Sometimes it can be difficult to throw the boccia ball far enough down the court, especially for those with motor conditions. For this reason, we can present a specially developed ball ramp, which makes aiming and pushing their boccia ball much simpler.

The specially developed durable foamex ball ramp aims to provide people of all ages who have high support needs with a means of independently propelling balls of various sizes.

There is a dual layer system, where the inside section slides out to increase ramp length by up to 2 metres. This can be removed to provided for two 1 metre ramps.

To use, the ramp can either be held on the player's lap or supported by an assistant.

A specially developed foamex ball ramp for use in the game of Boccia which allows those with limited strength to join in the fun with increased precision.

The ramps may be separated to provide two 1 metre ramps or connected to make a single 2 m ramp. 

Through its durable construction, this ramp will last for a long time and many uses.

A vibrant yellow colour ensures that the ramp is visible at all times.

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