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Bathing Aids

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There is a wide range of bathing aids available to suit different shapes and styles of bathroom. There are bathroom grab rails, bath steps, bath seats and bath boards, bath mats and pillows and bath lifts.

Making Life Easier With A Bathing Aid

One of life’s great pleasures is to sit back and relax with a long soak in the bathtub. Along with the obvious daily hygiene benefits, there are also many therapeutic benefits; they can reduce pain, reduce stress, help to relieve anxiety, and can even enhance your mood.

By using bath aids, you can make sure that you enjoy your time in the bathroom even if you have limited mobility, are disabled or if you are recovering from a short or long term injury or just not as steady on your feet as you used to be.

These mobility aids are also ideal for the continuation of independence with healthcare for disabled people; you can still keep your privacy without having to ask for help in what is probably the most private room in your home.

They increase safety and confidence when in the bathroom; one of the most common places for a person to have accidents or injuries in the home is the bathroom. They will also help minimise the risk of any slips or falls.

Bathing Aids - Bathroom Grab Rails

Grab rails have been designed to give you support, security, confidence and stability when you are in your bathroom. One of the most economical ways of adapting your bathroom is to fit grab rail mobility aids.

Grab rails are available in a variety of sizes to choose from, some are adjustable and there are numerous types of design and finish, to suit all types of bathroom décor, including stainless steelbright colourswhite, and grab rails with a chrome finish.

They can also be fitted in different ways; some grab rails can be attached to the wall with screws for a permanent fitting, and there are also grab rails that are attached with suction cups, ideal for making the bathroom a safe environment in healthcare organisations.

Bathing Aids - Bath Lift

Bath lifts are mobility aids that you sit on, and then they gently lower you down. They are ideal to provide more support for disabled users to enjoy the benefits of a nice long soak.

You stay seated on bath lifts, and then when you are ready, the lift will slowly raise you back up again.

These bathroom aids are electronically powered and usually operated with a small battery-operated remote control.

There is a wide range of lifts available, including reclining lifts and inflatable bathing cushions.

Bathing Aids - Bath Cushions

Inflatable bathing cushions are ideal bathroom aids alternative to a bath lift if your size or style of bathtub is not suitable for use with other bathing aids.

For example, if it is too narrow or uneven at the bottom to fit a lift.

One of the most common issues, if a user has limited mobility or are disabled or recovering from an injury or surgery, is that you have no difficulty in getting into the bathtub but then find it a struggle to get back out again.

By using bathroom aids such as bath lifts, you can find support and assistance in your bathroom that does not involve any costly bathroom renovations or having to ask someone for assistance.

They will allow you to be fully submerged, so you enjoy the full benefits of a hot soak, which, as we mentioned earlier, has several therapeutic benefits, including easing joint and muscle pain.

Bathing Aids - Bath Mats and Pillows

Bath mats and pillows are bathing aids that have been designed to increase your safety and also your comfort when you are in the bath. Some baths just aren’t comfortable to sit or lie in, and this is compounded if your mobility is restricted, or you have back or joint pain, or are recuperating from an injury.

Bathing Aids - Bath Pillows

There is a wide range of bath pillows available, and they all provide something comfortable to lean on in the bath, particularly beneficial for those with back pain.

Bath pillows are usually made from foam, or they are inflatable cushions that can be inflated or deflated as and when required.

Bath pillows are also ideal bathing aids that can be taken with you if you are staying away from home or live with other people, as they can be taken in and out of the bath in no time at all.

Bathing Aids - Mats

Bath mats are bathing aids that have been designed to reduce the risk of you slipping or falling when you are using your bathtub or shower.

Most are made of non-slip material or have raised bumps or edges to keep you safely standing on your feet no matter how wet you are or if your mobility is limited.

The range of bathing aids are available in numerous shapes and sizes are simple yet effective.

Mats and pillows, along with many other types of bathroom aids, are often used in conjunction with other types of mobility aids.

For example, you could place bathroom grab rails at the side of your bathtub to help you to get into the bath, then use a pillow to help you to feel comfortable and then position a non-slip mat outside to help you when you get out.

Bath Boards

Here at Ability Superstore, we have a wide range of bath seat and bath board bathing aids available.

Bath boards are simply fitted across the top of the bathtub and provide a safe surface for you to sit on, swing your legs over the side and then sit on the board to wash.

Some people will use a board as a midway point for assistance with getting in and out of the bathtub.

So, they will lower themselves onto the board and then lower themselves into the bathtub or onto a seat.

When deciding on which board to choose, the most important factor to consider is the width of your bathtub and the width of the edges.

If it is too wide to accommodate a board, then do not despair! That is where a seat will be the ideal bathing solution for you.

Bathing Aids - Bath Seats

Bath seats and shower stools or shower chairs are low seated bathing aids that attach to the base with suckers on each of their four legs.

They are available in various heights and styles available, often with accessories such as support arms and provide a chair seat height that is between a board and the base.

Another type of quality seat is the Swivel bather. Swivel bathers are bathing aids that sit on the top of the bathtub.

As the name suggests, they swivel around, making them good bathroom aids if you have difficulty with twisting mobility or turning around.

Swivel bather aids work with a small handle that is on the side of the bather that you turn to move the seat around.

As we mentioned earlier, when considering a board, the size of the bathtub is an important factor. So, for swivel bathers, you will have to do the same and measure the width and the edges to make sure that swivel bathers are compatible.

Another factor to take into consideration when looking at a seat or chair is that the surface needs to be flat so that the seat is able to be fitted securely.

It is also a good idea to measure the length of the bathtub to make sure there will be enough space for your legs once the seat has been fitted, especially if you are tall.

Bathing Aids - Bath Steps

Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best solution, and bath steps are a great example of this! Bath steps can be used to help you when you are stepping in and out of a bathtub or shower by giving you a raised surface to stand on.

Along with fixed height steps, there are also adjustable bath steps that can also be used to create a set of staggered steps to create a gradual downward slope, especially useful if you are not very steady on your feet.

These disability aids are also highly versatile as they can be used in other rooms in your home. For example, the panda bamboo step has been designed to look attractive with its elegant bamboo finish and would not look out of place in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, shower or another part of the home.

There are a range of steps available in different styles, and there are bath steps with handrails to give you even more security and safety when you are in your bathroom.

These bathing aids are designed to help you if you are still able to raise your feet to manage steps but find the height of normal steps tricky or stepping away from a bath or shower.

Another advantage of choosing steps as bath aids that they are lightweight and portable. So, just like the bath cushions and pillows, the steps can be taken with you. These disability aids can be moved and removed as and when you need them.

They can provide a safe means of stepping in and out of the bathtub or shower, and height-adjustable steps, in particular, can be useful as the height can be adjusted to suit the user, or a series of half steps can be made.

Bathroom Aids - Why choose Ability Superstore?

Ability Superstore has a wide range of high quality bathing aid equipment and mobility aids available, including walking aids and daily living aids, and these aids have always been one of our most popular range of products.

We also have some bathing guides for you, how to choose a grab railhow to make your bathroom more accessible and how to choose a bath lift, to give you some more advice and information so that you can choose the right bathing aid for your needs.

Unlike other mobility aids suppliers, we are all based in the UK and our customer services team are in the same building as our warehouse.

We are also a supplier of mobility aids to the NHS and other healthcare organisations such as care homes and clinics.

Bathing Aids - Get In Touch

So, if our customers are interested in a particular product, after looking at our range of bath aids they can call us and talk to a person (not a robot!) who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The customer services team can then check with the warehouse, and if the product is in stock, it can be ready to be despatched to you within minutes of your enquiry.

We are also regularly updating the range of our high-quality bathing equipment from our suppliers, ensuring that any new and innovative products are available to buy on our website, with all the measurements and information customers need to make an informed purchase.

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