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Bathing Aids

Feel safe in your bathroom with our wide range of bathing disability aids available to suit the size and style of your bathroom. Our comprehensive range of bathroom mobility aids includes grab rails, steps, seats, mats, pillows and lifts.

When you shop for these mobility aids, there are so many factors to take into account and such a wide choice so, we have put together a small guide to help you.

People Also Ask

With so many different types of bathing aids available, you want to make sure that you make a well-informed purchase. Here are some questions people have asked before buying a bathing aid.

What is a bathing aid?

There are bathroom grab rails, bath steps, bath seats and bath boards, bath mats and pillows and bath lifts. All of these mobility aids are designed to make getting in and out of a bath safer for you, and anyone assisting you, as well as making your bathing experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

What is the best aid for getting out of the bath?

Bath lifts can gently lower you down into the bathtub, then raise you back up when you are ready. This makes them ideal for anyone who has difficulties for getting out of the bath.

What are the benefits of using bathing aids?

Bathing aids play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and independent bathing experience. They provide stability, prevent slips and falls, and offer reassurance to individuals with limited mobility. Additionally, bathing aids promote a sense of confidence and help maintain personal hygiene. Explore our range to discover the benefits first hand.

How much does a bath lift cost?

The cost of bathing aids can vary depending on the type, features, and brand. Bath benches and chairs typically range from £20 to £150, transfer benches from £40 to £200, grab bars from £10 to £50, shower stools from £20 to £80, bath lifts from £200 to £600, and non-slip mats from £5 to £20. We offer a diverse range of options to fit different budgets and requirements.

Are there bathing aids suitable for small bathrooms?

Yes, we offer bathing aids designed for small or compact bathrooms. These space-saving solutions ensure that individuals with limited bathroom space can still enjoy the benefits of bathing aids. Explore our selection to find compact and practical options for your specific needs.

Making Life Easier With A Bathing Aid

Along with the obvious daily hygiene benefits of having baths, there are also many benefits; they can reduce pain, stress, and can even enhance your mood.

By using bathing aids, you make bathing safer and stress-free, even if you have limited mobility, are elderly, or if you are recovering from a short, or long term injury, or just not as steady on your feet as you used to be.

These bath aids are also ideal for extra support and the continuation of independent living; you can still keep your privacy without having to ask for help.

Many of our bathroom aids are available with VAT exempt prices and with free UK delivery, too. So look out for the VAT exempt price when you put a product into your basket.

Bathing Aids – Bathroom Grab Rails

Grab rails have been designed to give you support, security, confidence and stability when you are in your bathroom. These products are available with VAT exempt prices, some are adjustable and come in a number of sizes to choose from – there are numerous types of design and finish, too.

Grab rails are cost-effective accessible bathroom aids if you have balance, or mobility difficulties, or would just like some extra assistance and support in the bathroom.

Portable grab, or bath rails, are also available.

Bath Lifts

Bath lifts are bathroom aids that you sit on, then they gently lower you down into the bathtub. They raise you back up when you are ready. They are ideal for providing support and safety for those who are elderly, disabled, or have mobility difficulties – everyone can enjoy the benefits of bathtime now.

Bath Cushions

Inflatable bath cushions are an ideal mobility aid alternative to a bath lift, or chair, if your size, or style of bathtub, is not suitable for use with other bathing aids, for example, if your bathtub is too narrow, or uneven at the bottom. 

The most common factors to take into account are if a person has limited mobility, are elderly, disabled, or recovering from an injury, or surgery, and whether someone has difficulty in getting into the bathtub, but then find it difficult to get back out again.


Non slip bath pillows provide you with added comfort when you are in the bathtub. There is a large range of pillows available, some with VAT relief prices, and any one of them will make having a bath more pleasurable.


Non-slip bath mats are bathing aids that have been designed to reduce the risk of you falling on slippery areas in your bathroom. Why not try placing a grab rail at the side of your bath to help you to get into the tub, then use a pillow to help you feel comfortable and then position a non-slip mat outside of the tub to help you safely get out.

Bath Boards

Ability Superstore has a comprehensive range of bath seats and bath boards for sale with vat relief prices. Bath boards are simply fitted across the top of the bathtub and provide a safe surface for you to sit on, then you can swing your legs over the side of the tub, and carry out your daily hygiene routine.

Some people will use a board as a midway point for assistance with getting in and out of the bathtub. They will lower themselves onto the board and then lower themselves into the bathtub. Bath boards also have drainage holes to allow the water to drain into the bathtub.

Bath Seats and Shower Stools

Bath seats, or shower chairs, are low-seated disability aids that attach to the base of the bath, or shower, with either suckers, or non slip ferrules on each of the four legs. 

This range of products are for sale in various heights and styles (including a folding shower seat), with VAT relief prices, often with chair accessories, such as support arms.

For those that need some more robust support, there are bath seats specifically designed to take a higher than standard maximum user weight.

Bath Steps

Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best solution, and bath steps are a great example of this. A bath step can be used to help you when you are stepping in and out of a bathtub, or shower, by giving you a raised surface to stand on.

Along with fixed height steps, there are also a number of adjustable bath steps available with VAT relief. These can be used to create a set of staggered steps to create a gradual downward slope, especially useful if you are not steady on your feet, or have limited movement. These bath aids are also highly versatile, as they can be used in other rooms in your home. 

Some of the bath steps, like the Panda Bamboo Step have been designed to look attractive and stylish and, with its elegant bamboo finish, this mobility aid would not look out of place in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any part of your home.

There is a large range of bath steps available in different styles with vat relief, and there are bath steps with handrails to make you feel even more secure and safe.

These bath aids are designed to help you if you are still able to raise your feet to manage steps, but find the height of normal steps tricky, or stepping from a bathtub, or shower, difficult. Another advantage of choosing steps as bath aids is that they are lightweight and portable. So, just like the bath cushions and pillows, the steps can be taken with you on holiday, or if you stay away with friends, or family. 

Why Choose Ability Superstore?

Ability Superstore has a large range of high-quality bathing aid equipment and toilet aids/toileting accessories, including walking aids and daily living aids, with VAT exempt prices. We also have some bathing guides for you – how to choose a grab rail, how to make your bathroom more accessible and how to choose a bath lift – to give you some more advice and information when you search for the right bath aid for your needs.

We offer free UK delivery on all orders of our range of bathroom aids on items in your shopping basket with a price of over £40. We are also a supplier of mobility aids to the NHS and other healthcare organisations.

For a faster checkout as a customer, you can create an account that will save your delivery and payment details for when you next make a mobility aids order. All you have to do is create an account by using your email address, and then adding a password, delivery details and credit card information. So, the next time you are buying something on the Ability Superstore website, you simply place an item in your basket and go to the checkout, then log in to your account and you'll find that our website will have remembered all your key details.

VAT Relief 

Many of our bathing aids range are for sale with a VAT relief price. If you would like more information on whether you are eligible for VAT exemption, we have a VAT relief guide here. If you do qualify, then when you see an item with a VAT relief price, as you place an order and checkout, you will be asked if you are eligible for VAT relief and you simply have to state the VAT relief reason.

We are also regularly updating the range of products, ensuring that any new and innovative bathing aids are available on our website at the best competitive (VAT relief) price, with all the measurements and information customers need to checkout and make an informed purchase.

If you have any queries, you can call us for free on 0800 255 0498 or email us at

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