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Bedroom Aids

With the help of our bedroom aids, you can turn your bedroom into an oasis of relaxation and comfort. We have developed this range of bed assist mobility aids, disability bed rails, bed protectors and positioning aids to help you and your family sleep safe and sound.

We also provide protective bedding and orthopaedic pillows to aid with a comfortable night's sleep along with blanket cradles for anyone needing to relieve pressure away while in bed.

Adapted bedroom furniture such as profiling beds, furniture raisers, tables and other mobility aids are adapted to suit various needs in the bedroom and are designed for anyone who spends long periods of time in bed.

Discover our selection of adaptive clothing, specialist socks and adjustable slippers alongside side our other mobility aids to help you easily get dressed in the morning. If you need disability equipment for the bedroom but are unsure which would be suitable for you, see our guide to creating an accessible bedroom.

People Also Ask

What is a bedroom aid?

A bedroom aid is a category of mobility aids designed to enhance safety and convenience in the bedroom. These aids are specifically crafted to assist individuals with tasks related to getting in and out of bed, as well as ensuring stability during sleep. Bedroom aids may include items such as bed rails, bed lifts, overbed tables, support poles and more.

What aids stop you from falling out of bed?

Bed rails are effective bedroom aids that help prevent individuals from falling out of bed. They provide a sturdy barrier along the edge of the bed, offering added safety and security during sleep. At Ability Superstore, we offer a range of high-quality bed rails designed to enhance bedroom safety. Explore our selection to find the perfect fit for your needs, ensuring a secure and comfortable sleep environment.

How to choose the right bedroom aid for my needs?

Selecting the right bedroom aid depends on factors like mobility level, specific requirements, and bedroom layout. Bed rails offer added safety during sleep, bed lifts provide assistance with getting in and out of bed, overbed tables offer convenience for various activities, and support poles offer stability while standing. Our experts can help you choose the most suitable option.

What are the benefits of using bedroom aids?

Bedroom aids promote independence and safety in the bedroom. They provide support for getting in and out of bed, reduce the risk of falls, and enhance overall comfort. Our range of bedroom aids is designed to enhance the bedroom environment, ensuring a more accessible and relaxing experience.

What is the cost range for bedroom aids?

The cost of bedroom aids varies depending on the type, features, and brand. Bed rails typically range from £20 to £100, bed lifts from £50 to £200, overbed tables from £30 to £150, and support poles from £50 to £200. Our diverse range of options accommodates different budgets and preferences.

Bed aids for getting in and out of bed

If you have difficulty getting in and out of bed, there are many assistive mobility aids that can help with mobility in the bedroom. Bed rails can help to prevent falls while sleeping as well as offering assistance when getting in and out of bed. Bed bumpers and full-length cot sides are ideal for patient care and users who are confined to bed as they help to limit rolling and prevent falls from the bed and work well alongside other fall management equipment. A bed hoist or a rope ladder mobility aid, depending on the assistance needed, can be a simple addition to the bedroom which allows the user to independently pull themselves out of bed.

Sleeping aids for the bedroom

For health conditions and disabilities that can affect your sleeping pattern or the quality of comfort you get while in bed, some of the best solutions are simple sleeping aids. Protective bedding can give you a dry night’s sleep if incontinence is an issue and our range of backrests, specialist pillows and mobility aids supports can help you position yourself comfortably while remaining supported. Blanket cradles offer protection from the duvet for anyone who needs the quilt raised away from them during the night or time spent in bed. Our range of mattress elevators manoeuvre the mattress or pillow to the required position and turns a standard bed into an adjustable bed without the price tag.

Electric profiling beds and pressure care mattresses

If you’re looking to create an accessible bedroom space and are starting with the bed first, you can choose from our range of profiling beds that can be adapted to suit varying user requirements. You can also discover our pressure relief mattresses and specialist mobility aid overlays that are designed to increase comfort and provide a pressure-relieving surface to sleep on, many are also designed to cooperate with an adjustable bed. If you need advice on finding the right bed, we can help with our guide on how to choose a profiling bed.

Adaptive clothing and dressing aids

Adjustable slippers for wider feet and specialist socks for oedema and diabetes are just a few adaptive clothing products in our range of mobility aids. Thermal socks and fleece slippers are also ideal for anyone who may have restricted blood flow to their feet and tend to feel the cold more. When it comes to putting on clothing, if you find it a struggle to put on socks, fasten a bra or pull up a zip, our dressing aids are designed to offer assistance with a multitude of dressing activities. From dressing sticks and button hooks to long-handled shoe horns and sock aids, our range is ideal for anyone who finds it hard to reach, bend down or fasten fiddly closures when dressing.

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