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Bedroom Aids

Make your bedroom an oasis of relaxation and comfort, with the help of our disability aids and mobility aids for the bedroom. In our selection of bedroom aids, there’s a product for everyone. Choose from our disabled bed aids with products ranging from cushions and pillows to mattresses and positioners, all of which aim to provide the optimum comfort when you need it the most.

Check out our dressing section for zip pullers, dressing sticks and other nifty dressing aids, and items to help with your hair, like long-handled brushes and combs and even a hands-free hair dryer stand.


Mattresses, Pillows and Elevators

Choose from our array of high quality mattresses and reclining beds to ensure you get the perfect night's sleep. Ideal for providing you with the optimum position for lying down, our mattresses and elevators can support your body and reduce back pains. Our wide range of various pillows help to cushion you whilst in bed, with many different styles available. 


Bed Hoists and Raisers

For assistance with getting in and out of bed, our selection of bed hoists and ladders are ideal for those with some mobility in their arms, as they help to pull you up and out of bed. To boost your bed up to the required height, bed raisers are great for helping you get in and out of bed without the need to raise or lower yourself too much. 


Bedding and Blanket Cradles

Discreet and contemporary, our range of waterproof bedding and pads are ideal for a comfy and dry night's sleep. With the appearance of regular mattress sheets, the bedding is extra protective and easy to wash. For raising duvets to relieve pressure off sore legs, try a blanket cradle which are ideal for reducing the risk of bed sores. 


Bed Rails, Tables and Trays

For safety and support, our collection of bed rails, wedges and bumpers help to prevents falls whilst sleeping, in addition to providing assistance with getting in and out of bed. If you eat your meals whilst in bed, our comfortable lap trays and adjustable over-bed tables make it easier to enjoy a meal or a snack from bed.


Clothing and Dressing Aids

In our clothing aids, you'll find helpful and adaptable products to suit the needs of anyone who requires adjustable clothing. From slippers to bras, these specially designed clothing aids are comfortable for all day wear. For help getting dressed and undressed, our dressing aids are ideal for tasks such as putting socks on, navigating zips and tying shoelaces.

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