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Kitchen & Dining Aids

Our equipment is the perfect recipe for easy, independent and enjoyable mealtimes. If you enjoy cooking, but are finding that it’s becoming more difficult, let us take the strain with our innovative range of kitchen and dining aids and gadgets.  Ability Superstore, we’ve got a wide range of adaptive kitchen products to help with everything from making a cup of tea to complete meal prep and cooking, as well as aids to help you carry your food safely and enjoy eating without hassle.

Food Preparation & Cooking Aids

Whether you’re a master chef, star baker, or you simply enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, our collection of food preparation and kitchen aids are designed to make cooking and baking effortless allowing you to quickly and efficiently prepare food and enjoy your time in the kitchen! If you have limited hand mobility due to arthritis or diabetic hand syndrome, or find that you’re beginning to lose dexterity and are struggling to hold or grip everyday items, our food preparation aids might be all you need to help you get back in the kitchen. Specifically designed to aid users with limited mobility, our adaptive kitchen products include special features like ergonomic handles and non-slip grips, which offer a safe and secure way to peel and chop food, remove lids from jars and measure ingredients.

Adaptive Kitchen Equipment

Making a cup of tea, spreading butter and jam on your morning slice of toast, opening a new bottle of ketchup these are everyday tasks that many take for granted, but can be difficult if you have from weak grip, arthritis or other dexterity conditions. We stock a wide range of adaptive kitchen devices and gadgets to help make these everyday tasks easy and safe. From kettle tippers and two-handled teapots to non-slip chopping and spreading boards and soft-grip utensils — we’ve got everything you need to make your kitchen safe and accessible, whatever your mobility needs.

Dining Aids for the Elderly & Disabled

Come dine with us and our fabulous collection of eating and dining aids for the elderly and/or disabled! Make meal times tidier and safer, and clean up quickly and efficiently, thanks to our range of clever adaptive dining products and devices. Add safety and security to a hot plate by placing it on one of our non-slip table mats, stay clean and protected with our wide array of dining bibs and clothing protectors, and steer clear of dehydration with our specially designed cups, ergonomically shaped to fit in the contours of your palm and crafted to prevent spills. Excellent prices and outstanding performance make our range of dining aids a must-have at mealtimes!

Adaptive Cutlery for Arthritis

From ergonomic forks, spoons and knives to specially designed foam handles, which help to ease ache or strain on the wrist, our range of adaptive cutlery for arthritis is attractive and effortlessly blends in with any kitchen, so that you can dine in style with all the right support.

Serving Aids

Serve up in style with our collection of serving aids and specially adapted crockeryOur range of serving aids are designed to make dining with family and friends easy and enjoyable and includes weighted crockery, specifically designed for users with limited dexterity, divided plates in bright colours for users living with dementia, and trolleys and trays, designed to provide a comfortable way to enjoy a meal or support users with balance issues.

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