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Kitchen & Dining Aids

Make your mealtimes easy, independent and fun with the perfect set of Ability Superstore kitchen mobility aids. Our extensive and innovative range includes adaptive kitchenware and cooking aids that make food preparation a breeze!

The Right Mobility Aid For You

If you need some assistance with cooking, or with preparing food, Ability Superstore has the right mobility aid for you.

A Big Selection

Our wide range includes adaptive kitchenware and food preparation mobility aids to make life easier. We have ergonomic adaptive cutlery, non slip mats, kettle tippers and bottle openers to lap trays, scoop plates and talking scales that come with a measuring jug.

How To… Guides

If you are looking for a gadget to help in the kitchen, but not sure which would be suitable, see our guide to the kitchen or how to choose adapted cutlery.

People Also Ask

With so many different types of health care aids available, you want to make sure that you make a well-informed purchase. Here are some questions people have asked before buying a health care aid.

What are Kitchen and Dining Aids and why are they important?

Kitchen and Dining Aids are specialized products designed to enhance accessibility and independence for individuals with mobility challenges. These aids include a range of tools and equipment tailored to make meal preparation, cooking, and dining more manageable and enjoyable. They are crucial in ensuring individuals can continue to participate in the joys of cooking and dining.

What types of Kitchen and Dining Aids are available?

Kitchen and Dining Aids encompass a variety of products designed to assist in different aspects of meal preparation and dining. These aids may include adaptive utensils, non-slip mats, plate guards, one-handed chopping boards, and specialized kitchen appliances. Each type serves a specific purpose, providing support and convenience for individuals with varying levels of mobility.

How do I choose the right Kitchen and Dining Aid for my needs?

Selecting the right Kitchen and Dining Aid depends on factors like personal mobility level, specific challenges, and the type of assistance needed. For example, if dexterity is an issue, adaptive utensils and scooped bowls can be immensely helpful. Our expert team can provide personalized guidance to help you choose the most suitable aids.

What are the benefits of using Kitchen and Dining Aids?

Kitchen and Dining Aids offer numerous benefits, including increased independence, improved safety, and enhanced quality of life. They enable individuals to participate in meal preparation and dining with greater ease and confidence, allowing them to maintain their culinary preferences and routines.

What is the cost range for Kitchen and Dining Aids?

The cost of Kitchen and Dining Aids varies depending on the type, features, and brand. Adaptive utensils and basic aids may range from £5 to £30, while more specialized or electronic aids can range from £30 to £200 or more. Our diverse range of options accommodates different budgets and preferences.

Adapted Kitchen Mobility Aids

Our one-handed kitchen mobility aids and good grip utensils can help with tasks, such as opening jars, chopping vegetables and cooking food. They can also help with preparing hot drinks with lightweight kettles and tippers, making them ideal for one-handed use, or anyone living with dexterity conditions, such as arthritis and tremors.

Make Time In The Kitchen Enjoyable

Our storage solutions for the kitchen can also help keep your food fresher for longer.

Drinking Aids

Ability Superstore has a selection of two-handled mugs, drinking cups with spouted lids, nose cut-out beakers and accessories, such as elongated straws and reusable lids, drinking can be made spill-free and easy.

Come dine with us and our fabulous collection of eating and dining aids.

Inclusivity Is Important

When it comes to mealtimes, here at Ability Superstore we believe inclusivity is important and eating food should be made as enjoyable as possible, no matter what your ability. Our collection of cutlery and dining aids incorporate modern design with practicality.

Add safety and security to a hot plate by placing it on one of our non-slip table mats and create a beautiful meal space with our adaptive tableware. Our disability aid cutlery provides assistance with eating by offering a variety of cutlery sets with adaptations such as weight, angled and built-up handles, specialist coatings, as well as utensil holder straps and one-handed eating options such as the 'Knork'.

Our range of adaptive cutlery for arthritis is attractive and effortlessly blends in with any kitchen so that you can dine in style with all the right support. You can also browse our dining bibs and clothing protectors to help keep clothing free from spills.

Inclusivity For All

When turning your kitchen into an accessible space, incorporating disability equipment and mobility aids, such as perching stools, dining trolleys and serving trays, can help create a kitchen that is easy to navigate and provides you with all the necessary assistance you may need.

A perching stool can provide a short rest when cooking and is also useful for household chores, such as ironing.

We also stock a huge range of other household cleaning aids such as long-handled dusters and dishwashing mobility aids.

Wheeled dining trolleys and one-handed trays can provide a steady surface to help with the transfer of meals and drinks from room to room.

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