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Walking Sticks

A walking stick can be a great companion for anyone who needs a little extra support while walking.

Walking sticks come in a great range of designs, handle styles and patterns. So, whether you love a fashion cane and want to make a statement with your mobility aid, or if you're just looking for a little extra stability, we have everything you need.

Ability Superstore's collection features a vast array of options to choose from, including folding and non-folding walking sticks, extra stability options that have either a 3, or 4 prong base, and seat canes that offer a pop-up perch for when a rest is needed. We also have adjustable height walking sticks, as well as standard wooden canes that can be cut to the desired size. 

If you need a little help picking out the ideal walking aid for you, then please take a look at our helpful, handy guide – How To Choose A Walking Stick.

Walking Sticks by Classic Canes 

Ability Superstore is proud to be a stockist of the ever-popular Classic Canes range of deluxe and stylish walking aids. Our selection offers a huge amount of choice, both in the design and style of these luxurious mobility aids. From lightweight petite canes to traditional wooden canes and contemporary, fun patterned walking aids, we have something to suit every taste.


Crutches are a highly practical walking aid suitable for a variety of uses. They’re an excellent choice of mobility aid for many people, and ideal for both short-term and long-term use. As well as standard grey, height-adjustable crutches, we also have fun colours and specialist designs on offer.

Folding and Non-Folding Walking Sticks

Ability Superstore's collection of walking aids also features both folding walking sticks, as well as non-folding ones.

Our folding canes are designed to be lightweight and portable and are ideal for people who don’t rely on a walking aid all the time, but want the peace of mind knowing that they have one to hand, should they need it. They fold up compactly and easily fit inside a bag.

These folding mobility aids also make a great choice of walking aid for people who use another mobility aid to get around, such as a wheelchair, or mobility scooter, but want the option to switch between mobility aids when required.

Extra Stability Walking Sticks

For people who like to use a walking stick, but are looking for more support, our extra stability walking sticks may be just what's needed. These specially designed canes have either tripod (three) feet, or a quad (four feet) base, providing extra points of contact with the ground and therefore additional stability.

These walking aids can offer you the flexibility and freedom of a traditional walking stick, but with added safety and reassurance.

Walking Stick Accessories and Seats

Alongside our extensive range of walking sticks and crutches, we also stock many practical accessories and add-ons for your stick, or cane, such as wrist straps, spare ferrules and walking stick clips, all designed to make using your walking aid even easier and allows you to customise it to your preference.

Our collection of walking stick seats are also an excellent option for people who like to get out and about and stay active, but want the reassurance of a comfortable perch if needed.

Whether you’re off out on a day trip, or a long walk, a walking stick seat is an easy-to-use mobility aid that can help prevent pain, strain and fatigue by providing a seat when required.

Walking Aids at Ability Superstore

The walking sticks and crutches in our range have all been chosen to be both practical and attractive to help make life easier.

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