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The elastic-free, slip on seamless socks in our collection are designed to fit comfortably and stay put without clinging, which is perfect for people with oedema, diabetes, arthritis, poor circulation, peripheral nephropathy and sensitive feet.

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What are oedema socks?

Oedema socks are specially designed to provide gentle compression and support for individuals experiencing swelling in the feet and lower legs. They are crafted with stretchable materials that accommodate swelling while promoting proper blood circulation, ultimately reducing discomfort and aiding in the management of oedema.

What are the key features to consider when choosing oedema socks?

When selecting oedema socks, look for features like graduated compression, seamless toe construction, non-binding cuffs, and breathable materials. These elements contribute to the effectiveness and comfort of the socks for individuals dealing with swelling. Ability Superstore's socks have all of these features.

Do compression socks help with oedema?

Yes, compression socks are often recommended for individuals with oedema. They apply gentle pressure to the legs, aiding in the circulation of blood and fluids, which can help reduce swelling associated with oedema. It's important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the appropriate level of compression and style of sock for specific needs.

Can oedema socks be worn overnight?

Yes, oedema socks are generally safe to wear overnight, especially if recommended by your healthcare professional.

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