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Posey Shower Slippers or Socks

Product Code: 30602

£14.80 inc VAT

  • Designed especially for aquatic use
  • Lets water run through the membrane 
  • Latex free rubber soles

Ideal for the shower or aquatic pool use. Loose knit nylon lets water run through. Nylon mesh upper dries quickly when wet and will not hold water. Stretchable nylon uppers. Latex-free rubber soles. Provides protection against falls when dry. Always assist patients on wet or slippery surfaces. Slippers are not intended to provide stable footing on wet or slippery surfaces, such as wet or slippery floors or shower stalls that are without texture. Soles should be dry before allowing the patient to walk unassisted. Wet soles will not grip firmly.

RECOMMENDED USE: Patients requiring footwear in aquatic rehab pools and floors that have any texture. Sizes available: X Large: UK shoe size 9 to 11.5 XX Large: UK shoe size 12 to 13