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Security & Safety

Our security and safety collection offers a wide range of aids to improve home security and make daily living easier. These mobility aids are ideal for those living with reduced mobility, or long-term health conditions, as they help people to live independently.  

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From police approved key safes to door entry systems and wireless doorbells, these home safety products can help to keep you feeling safe inside your home and in control of your daily life. 

Home safety aids, such as perimeter alarms, can help keep those living with dementia and other conditions safe from the potential harm that may come from wandering, or curiosity. These mobility aids are also suitable for use in family homes where young children may be tempted to open control panels, or front doors. 

Door Entry Systems 

With Ability Superstore’s collection of door entry systems, you don’t need to worry about rushing to answer the door, missing an important delivery, or answering the door to someone unknown. The telecom system enables you to speak through a handset to anyone at the door and to give them instructions, or allow them entry, as you wish.  

With multiple handset options, our door entry systems work well in private houses, as well as apartment blocks, sheltered housing, or shared homes.

Secure Key Safes

A secure safe provides a practical solution for key access and storage. Key safes are designed to hold your house keys near to your door, ready for quick and easy access. This makes them perfect for people who are liable to lose, or forget their keys and don’t want to risk being locked out. A key safe is also a handy way to grant immediate access for visiting friends, family and carers.

If you are living with limited mobility, or a long-term health condition, you may struggle to get to the door to let your visitors in. A key safe means that anyone with the correct code can access your door keys and let themselves in to provide the support and care you need on a daily basis. The keys can then be replaced after use, ready for your next caller. This system offers a sensible solution for frequent visitors from teams of caregivers, or health professionals and reassures you that your keys are always securely stored, close at hand. 

Security & Safety at Ability Superstore

With our extensive range of security and safety solutions, you can continue to live independently and safely. Our friendly customer services team are always on hand to discuss our safety and security range and help you find the right products to suit your needs. 

For those who are eligible for VAT exemption, many of our products qualify for VAT relief. We also offer free delivery on all UK orders over £40.  

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