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Walking Stick Seats

Walking stick seats are ideal for anyone who loves to go on long walks, whether you’re out in the countryside hiking and birdwatching, or you’re planning a trip around the shops!

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A walking stick seat is an excellent addition to your mobility aids, so you can continue doing the activities you love without pain and fatigue spoiling your plans.

If you have limited mobility, or a health condition, a walking stick seat provides a comfortable perch to give you a much-needed rest. You simply unfold the cane and perch on the provided seat until you’re ready to go again.

Ability Superstore’s collection of walking stick seats includes a range of styles and designs, including folding and height-adjustable versions, in a choice of colours to suit your preference.

One, Three, Or Four Legs?

From tripod-style circular seats, to fold-out chairs with four legs for added stability, or a simple flipstick to provide a quick, practical yet comfortable perch, there is a mobility aid for everyone in our collection of walking stick seats.

These simple yet practical walking aids enable you to continue with your everyday activities independently, knowing a seat will be to-hand if you need one.

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