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Personal Care & Hygiene Aids

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Our personal care and hygiene aids are ideal for staying fresh and clean, whether you're at home, in hospital or on the go. Designed to make life easier for those with limited mobility, our range of personal care & hygiene aids includes a wide variety of products to suit your individual needs, with free UK delivery on orders over £40.

Washing aids and waterless washing

If traditional bathing is a struggle, waterless washing foams, wipes and shampoo caps provide a way to wash without the need to rinse, making it easy and straightforward for individuals with less mobility to keep clean and hygienic without the need for a full bath or shower.

With our water-free washes, hair washing trays and shampoo caps, bathing in bed has never been easier. We supply a whole host of bathing aids and hygiene products that are designed to make life easier for caregivers and personal care a more comfortable and pleasant experience for those who are confined to bed.

Our range of Hand sanitisers and wipes makes it easy to keep hands and surfaces clean when out and about.

Daily living aids for independent personal care

Long-handled products like sponges and lotion applicators make personal care easier even with limited mobility and reach. These mobility aids are perfect for individuals who are unable to bend or stretch and come in lots of different styles to suit a range of needs.

Long-handled hairbrushes and combs make it easier to style your hair without straining or discomfort and grooming aids like the hands-free hair dryer stand make everyday tasks easier for those living with limited mobility.

Nail and skin care

Trimming nails can be awkward for those living with limited dexterity or grip but our range of nail care products and grooming aids can make personal care easier. Whether you prefer to trim your nails with scissors or use a nail clipper, we have solutions such as long-handled nail scissors and tabletop nail clippers with a suction base. These clever little daily living aids make nail care easier and eliminate the stress from everyday grooming tasks.

We also stock a wide range of foot care products to help keep your feet in tip-top condition, including foot cleaning mats, moisturising socks and long-handled toe sponges.

Personal Care & Hygiene Aids at Ability Superstore

We understand how important personal care and hygiene is, not only for health but for feelings of wellbeing and self-esteem. Here at Ability Superstore, we believe there's a solution for every difficulty and that with bathing aids, great hygiene and confidence should be possible for everybody.

VAT relief is available on many of our products for those who are VAT exempt and we offer free UK delivery on all orders over £40.