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Long Handled Foot And Toe Sponge

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£10.99 inc VAT

Long Handled Foot And Toe Sponge Quick Facts:

  • Perfect product for those with limited mobility
  • Handle can be bent for better flexibility 
  • Makes cleaning in between the toes easy
  • 24.5" handle is more than enough 

The comfortable broad handle on the foot and toe sponge makes it easier to grip and is perfect for those who find it strenuous or painful to bend to wash their lower limbs. So that the user can choose a configuration that matches their requirements, the handle can be bent with the application of light heat. The handle can be bent to shape by carefully using boiling water or a hair dryer to bend the handle to the desired shape. The foot and toe sponge has a unique design that may scrub the foot and also reach the gaps in between the toes. The length of the handle is approximately 24.5". A 24.5" long handled rounded sponge for washing of the feet and toes It can assist those with limited mobility in remaining independent in the bathroom 

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