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Watches & Clocks

Telling the time has never been easier, thanks to our wide range of watches and clocks. Our big face watches and clocks are perfect for elderly or visually impaired individuals, while our calendar clocks are ideal for people living with dementia. Our solutions include freestanding, wall mounted and wearable options. Whether you need an attractive, easy-to-use clock for your home or a watch for on the go, we have an aid to help you. In addition to our watches and clocks, we also offer a range of monitors & alarms to help keep you or your loved one safe at home.

Browse our Daily Living Aids product range. You may also wish to review our selection of Mobility Aids.

Radio Controlled Wall Clock

£16.98 inc VAT

Low Vision Wall Clock

£37.00 inc VAT

Large Calendar Wall Clock

£179.99 inc VAT

Easy To See Wall Clock

£7.69 inc VAT

Talking Alarm Clock With Calendar And Stopwatch

From £29.16 with VAT Relief
(£34.99 inc VAT)

Talking Alarm Clock Analogue

From £24.16 with VAT Relief
(£28.99 inc VAT)

T21 Talking LCD Alarm Clock With Spoken Temperature

From £16.66 with VAT Relief
(£19.99 inc VAT)

T19 - Talking Travel Clock

From £14.99 with VAT Relief
(£17.99 inc VAT)

RNIB Talking Atomic Watch

£40.00 inc VAT

RNIB Solar Atomic Talking Watch (Leather Strap / Steel Bracelet / Expanding Bracelet)

£52.99 inc VAT

RNIB Digital Talking Atomic Watch

£31.00 inc VAT

Retro Radio Controlled Talking Calendar Clock

£73.00 inc VAT

Lifemax Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock

£25.00 inc VAT

Lifemax Talking Atomic Watch with leather strap

£58.00 inc VAT

Lifemax Radio Controlled Talking Watch

£50.99 inc VAT

Lifemax Ladies Talking Watch - Bracelet Strap

£50.99 inc VAT

Lifemax Gentlemans Talking Watch - Leather Strap

£47.99 inc VAT

Ladies Talking Wristwatch

£83.88 inc VAT

Ladies or Gents Male Voice Calendar Watch

£56.99 inc VAT

Ladies Gold Radio Controlled Talking Watch

£64.99 inc VAT