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Watches & Clocks

Telling the time is fundamental to everyday living. This simple activity is also easy to take for granted and can quickly become frustrating when restricted vision, or ongoing health problems, make it difficult.

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If you, or a loved one, are finding it a struggle to tell the time with standard clocks and watches, then don't worry, as Ability Superstore has plenty of options available to make your life easier, from big-face clocks with large, easy to read displays, to talking wristwatches and much more.

Ability Superstore's mobility aids are ideal for visually impaired individuals, or people who may find standard clocks, or watches, difficult to understand

Clocks For Independent Living

Talking clocks open the way for those with limited vision to be able to still know what the time is and be in control of their own schedule and activities.

A benefit of talking clocks is that they provide a functioning alarm, so you are able to keep up with appointments, or know when you're meeting friends and family, without having to rely on anyone else for help, or reminders.

Low vision wall clocks are ideal for anyone living with sight loss, or vision impairment, as they feature large numbers, clear hands and contrasting white, or yellow clock face colours. 

Here at Ability Superstore, we also have a range of calendar clocks that are ideal mobility aids for people living with dementia, as they offer a distinct date and time to help with orientation, along with being easy to identify with bright coloured displays.  

These larger sized clocks are also ideal for healthcare environments, such as care homes, hospitals and shared accommodation.

Talking Watches

We also have a variety of talking watches. These mobility aids allow you to have the benefits of standard watches, but with the added functionality of the time being spoken in clear and easy to understand voices.

Adapted Clocks and Watches at Ability Superstore

We think it is important that all of our mobility aids are easy to use, and our range of watches and clocks is no exception. You won’t have to deal with complicated menus, fiddly buttons, or large instruction manuals. All of our products are easy to set up and use straight away.

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