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Radio Controlled Wall Clock

Product Code: 61463

£15.95 inc VAT

  • Large digits
  • White background so digits are highly visible
  • Adjusts automatically for Daylight Saving Time
  • Easy to hang on a wall
  • Ideal for people with impaired vision

This clock is ideal for those living with dementia, or with weaker eyesight. Simply fasten it to the wall with a basic hook or nail and you will never need to guess the time again! With its large numbers displayed boldly, this clock is easy to read. People with minor visual impairments will find it less of a challenge to tell the time with this clock, as the digits are bigger than an average clock's and therefore easier to see from a distance. Additionally, the three hands are easy to tell apart, as the minute and hour hands differentiate in size, and the second hand is red in colour. The clock is also ideal for teaching people to tell the time, as its face is simple and basic, with no distraction or uncertainty.

  • Available with either a black or white outer ring.
  • Diameter 8"
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