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Dining Aids

Welcome to our curated collection of dining aids, thoughtfully designed to enhance comfort, independence, and enjoyment during meal times. Whether you need specialized cutlery, spill-resistant cups, or comfortable seating options, our extensive selection covers a wide range of needs.

Stay Clean and Comfortable with Bibs & Clothing Protectors

Explore our range of bibs and clothing protectors, designed to keep clothing free from spills and stains during meal times. With various styles and sizes available, you can find the perfect solution for a clean and comfortable dining experience.

Sip and Enjoy with Cups, Mugs & Straws

Discover our selection of cups, mugs, and straws, including dual-handled mugs and anti-spill cups. These aids are designed to provide a secure grip and minimize the risk of spills, ensuring that you can comfortably enjoy your beverages.

Cutlery & Accessories for Effortless Dining

Our cutlery and accessories range includes bendable cutlery and gripped cutlery, crafted to accommodate different needs and preferences. These aids offer increased control and ease of use, making dining a more enjoyable experience.

Efficient Dining Solutions with Dining Trolleys & Trays

Explore our dining trolleys and trays, designed to provide convenient storage and easy transport of meals. These aids are perfect for individuals who benefit from having their dining essentials within arm's reach.

Comfortable and Convenient Lap Trays

Lap trays are a versatile dining aid, offering a stable surface for eating comfortably. Our range includes standard lap trays as well as luxury lap trays with an array of designs, ensuring both functionality and style.

Non Slip Mats for Added Safety

Ensure a secure dining experience with our non-slip mats. These aids provide stability and grip to prevent plates, cups, and cutlery from shifting during use, promoting a safer dining environment.

Versatile Seating with Perching Stools

Our perching stools offer a comfortable and supportive seating option for those who find standing for extended periods challenging. These aids are ideal for use in the kitchen or at dining tables.

Plates, Dishes, and Bowls for Every Meal

Explore our range of plates, dishes, and bowls, designed to accommodate various dietary needs and preferences. From divided plates to scoop dishes, we offer a selection of aids to suit different requirements.

Enhance Independence with Plate Surrounds

Plate surrounds provide a raised edge to help prevent food from spilling over the edge of the plate. This dining aid promotes independent eating for those with limited dexterity or coordination.

Secure Grip Crockery Range for Added Stability

Discover our range of crockery with secure grip features, providing added stability and control during meal times. These aids are designed to enhance confidence and independence during dining.

Tableware & Dining Essentials for a Complete Experience

Our collection of tableware and dining essentials includes a variety of aids to complement your dining experience. From adaptive utensils to additional accessories, we have everything you need for a seamless dining routine.

Are these bibs suitable for both adults and children?

Yes, our bibs come in sizes and styles suitable for both adults and children, ensuring everyone can enjoy meals without worrying about spills.

How do I choose the right cutlery for specific needs?

We offer a variety of options, so consider factors like grip preferences and dexterity levels when selecting cutlery for the best dining experience.

Are dining trolleys suitable for use in care facilities or at home?

Our dining trolleys are versatile and can be used in both care facilities and home settings, providing practical solutions for various environments.

How do I attach the plate surround to the plate?

Our plate surrounds are designed with easy-to-use clips or straps for secure attachment to the plate, ensuring a stable dining experience.

Where can I use non-slip mats?

Can these mats be used on different surfaces, such as tables and trays? Absolutely, our non-slip mats are versatile and can be used on various surfaces, making them a valuable addition to any dining setup.

What are the benefits of using a perching stool during meal times?

Perching stools offer a comfortable and supportive seating option, allowing individuals to rest while still maintaining an upright position for efficient dining.

How do bendable cutlery aids work?

Bendable cutlery features a flexible design, allowing the user to adjust the angle of the utensil for easier and more comfortable dining.

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