Plate Surrounds

A plate guard is a simple, yet effective, dining aid to make eating easier. Ability Superstore's useful mobility aids are perfect for people with reduced mobility, grip, or dexterity who need, or prefer, to eat one-handed.

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When eating one-handed, one of the difficulties is getting food onto your fork, or spoon, without frustration, as well as the risk that food may accidentally get pushed over the edge of the plate. This can make mealtimes difficult and affect your confidence and independence when eating.

A Discreet Dining Aid

The unobtrusive design of these plate guards, and the fact that they can be clipped onto any plate make them a subtle, discreet mobility aid that will make your life easier. They enable you to push food up against the side to get it onto your fork, or spoon.

A plate surround, or plate guard, also prevents food from falling off the side of your plate, so they help to keep your tabletop clean and tidy, too.

Plate surrounds are the perfect dining aid for people who would prefer to use their existing crockery, rather than replace their plates with adapted ones. Ability Superstore's plate surrounds, or guards, will blend in effortlessly to any dining environment without giving your plate a clinical look, or feel.

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