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Incurve Plate Surround

Product Code: 31689

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Excellent for users who may have weakened mobility in one hand, this plate surround can be fitted onto a standard plate by use of the three simple clips, to help make mealtimes easier and tidier. The curved guard allows the user to safely push food onto cutlery so that one-handed eating becomes simple and efficient! Simply scoop the food onto any utensil and push it securely onto the utensil by scooping it against the plate guard. This minimises the need to use two hands when eating, so mealtimes are more accessible for users who eat one-handed. Another benefit of this product is how it efficiently makes eating tidier, without the risk of any food going over the edge of the plate, so users can retain their independence and confidence at mealtimes. The contemporary and subtle design allows the surround to easily clip onto any standard plate and effortlessly blend into any dining environment, without appearing too clinical or obtrusive. Fits onto a standard plate thanks to three simple clips. Ideal for users who have weakened or no mobility in one hand. Helps to scoop food onto any utensil with one hand. Contemporary design allows it to effortlessly blend in. Allows users to retain their independence at mealtimes. Plate size 190 to 254mm (7.5 to 10") external diameter. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Weight 45g.

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