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Specialist Care

We have a wide range of mobility aid products, many of them quite specialist and often difficult to find on other websites. Within our specialist care range you can find specific products for those living with dementia, our paediatric range and our pressure care products too.


Our comprehensive range of thoughtfully curated specialist dementia care products help your loved ones feel comfortable where they are and make it easier for them to live comfortably and independently.

Here you'll find reminiscence aids, care home signage, coloured bathroom aids and walking aids, dementia clocks and eating/drinking solutions, all designed to enhance the daily lives of individuals with dementia by promoting comfort, safety, and a sense of independence.


Our paediatric care equipment and children's disability aids are ideal to help children living with disabilities while growing up. With our array of products specifically designed for children, this range has all the specialist paediatric care aids to suit your child's needs.

Our Paediatric range includes sensory aids, soft play and games and child-sized walking aids, toileting aids, and dining aids, all meticulously chosen to enhance the well-being, development, and independence of children by providing a secure, nurturing, and enjoyable environment.

Pressure Care

Pressure Care products play a pivotal role in enhancing comfort and preventing discomfort associated with extended periods of sitting or lying down, particularly for individuals with limited mobility. These aids are essential for maintaining skin integrity and preventing the development of pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores.

The Pressure Care category includes pressure-relieving cushions, mattresses, heel and elbow protectors, and positioning aids, all designed to mitigate the risk of pressure-related injuries and ensure optimal support and comfort.


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