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Toileting Aids

Toileting aids can offer an effortless solution to toileting for lots of people, including those living with a disability, or a medical condition, or anyone who needs support post-surgery.

Ability Superstore's range of mobility aids includes products with permanently fixed options, or compact and portable toilet products that can be used on the go.

People Also Ask

With so many different types of toileting aids available, you want to make sure that you make a well-informed purchase. Here are some questions people have asked before buying a toileting aid.

What can be used if a person is unable to walk to the toilet?

If a person is unable to walk to the toilet, there are several toileting aids available to ensure their comfort and hygiene. These aids include commodes, bedpans, and portable urinals. These offer a versatile solution as they can be placed near the bed or in a convenient location. At Ability Superstore, we offer a range of toileting aids designed to provide support and convenience for individuals with mobility challenges.

What helps you get on and off the toilet?

A raised toilet seat is a helpful aid for getting on and off the toilet with ease. It provides an elevated seating position, reducing the strain on the knees and making the process more comfortable. At Ability Superstore, we offer a variety of raised toilet seats designed to enhance bathroom accessibility. Explore our selection to find the perfect fit for your needs, ensuring a safer and more convenient toileting experience.

What are the different types of toileting aids available?

Toileting aids encompass a range of products designed to enhance bathroom accessibility. These include raised toilet seats, commodes, toilet safety frames, and incontinence products. Each type serves specific needs, providing support and convenience for individuals with varying levels of mobility.

What is the cost range for toileting aids?

The cost of toileting aids varies depending on the type, features, and brand. Raised toilet seats typically range from £20 to £100, commodes from £50 to £200, toilet safety frames from £30 to £150, and incontinence products from £10 to £50. Our diverse range of options accommodates different budgets and preferences.

How to choose the right toileting aid for my needs?

Selecting the right toileting aid depends on factors like mobility level, bathroom layout, and specific requirements. Raised toilet seats are ideal for those who need a higher seating position, while commodes offer a portable alternative. Toilet safety frames provide additional support, and incontinence products address specific hygiene needs. Our experts can help you choose the most suitable option.

Bottom Wipers & Urinals

Bottom wipers and urinals provide assistance when toileting, whilst allowing you to maintain your independence and dignity in the bathroom.

Urinals are a quick, convenient option and perfect for those who struggle to access a traditional toilet in time.

Bedpans work well for those who need to be able to toilet when lying down, for example, when recovering from surgery.

Bottom wipers enable those with limited reach to attend to their own personal hygiene after using the toilet.


A commode offers a more traditional toileting experience for those who are unable to access a bathroom for a variety of reasons.

Commode chairs can be used with disposable, or reusable commode pans, or bowls and accessories, such as commode pan liners – these are all available on the Ability Superstore website.


Our range of incontinence solutions includes a variety of discreet aids from pads and underwear, to unisex urinals and furniture protection mats.

Incontinence doesn't have to stop you from living the life you want, and with the right products, you can feel fresh and confident as you go about your usual activities of daily living.

Toilet Frames & Rails

Toilet frames and grab rails for toilets make using a standard toilet easier and safer for people living with mobility issues. Frames offer a portable support solution, whereas grab rails can be permanently fitted to walls on one side, or either side of the toilet, to provide leverage and support when moving on and off the toilet.

Toilet Seats

Finding the right toilet seat to suit your needs couldn't be easier with our wide range – from brightly coloured ones that offer high-contrast visibility, to raised seats and family seats to support toilet training. There's a toilet aid for every need, allowing you to use the toilet in comfort and ease.

Toileting Solutions From Ability Superstore

Hygienic toilet aids can be invaluable for those who want to maintain their independence while toileting, but live with restricted mobility that can interfere with normal toileting regime.

We stock a vast range of mobility aids that can help with continence and urgent needs. VAT relief is available for those who are VAT exempt and all orders over £40 are eligible for free UK delivery.

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