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Fall Management

Falls are a serious issue and a major concern for many people living with limited mobility, or ongoing health conditions, and a worry to caregivers and loved ones.

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To support individuals who may be unsteady on their feet, Ability Superstore’s collection of fall management aids includes a range of solutions that can help prevent falls, as well as mobility aids that will alert others if a fall does happen.

These useful mobility aids can be used around the home, or in a care setting and are ideal for any individual who may be at risk of slips, trips, or falls in the home. 

Fall Out Mats

Fall out mats are designed to be placed at your bedside in order to cushion you if a fall from the bed happens. The crash mat design provides a cushioned landing area to help minimise the risk of serious injury and are designed to fold away when not in use to avoid them becoming a trip hazard.

Fall Alarms

A call pendant, or fall alarm, is a mobility aid that offers peace of mind to both you and your carers and family. It reassures you that if a fall does happen, an immediate response can be summoned. 

Ability Superstore's collection of fall alarms includes solutions for a range of circumstances, so you can choose the alarm that best suits your needs.

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