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Shower Boards

Shower boards are similar to bath boards as they provide a strong and safe support platform, however, they tend to be deeper in size, allowing you to remain seated on the board itself and to take a shower whilst sitting above the bathtub. This is ideal where there is a shower over a bath, and when someone struggles to raise and lower themselves into the bath.

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What is the purpose of a shower board?

A shower board, also known as a shower transfer bench, serves as a crucial mobility aid designed to provide a secure and stable seating platform for individuals while showering. It offers essential support, allowing those with limited mobility or strength to safely and comfortably bathe.

How do you choose the right shower board?

Selecting the right shower board involves considering individual needs and bathroom layout. Factors to consider include the user's weight capacity, available space in the shower area, and any specific features needed, such as adjustable height, non-slip surfaces, and drainage holes.

How do you install a shower board?

Installing a shower board typically involves assembling the components according to the manufacturer's instructions. It's crucial to ensure that the legs or suction cups are securely in place and that the seat surface is level and stable. Always follow the specific installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Can a shower board be used in a bathtub?

Yes, many shower boards are versatile and can be used in both standalone showers and bathtubs.

Who would benefit from using a shower board?

Shower boards are invaluable aids for individuals with limited mobility, including the elderly, individuals recovering from surgery, and those with physical disabilities. They provide a safe and comfortable bathing solution, enhancing independence and confidence in the bathroom.

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