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Rising Aids

Ability Superstore’s range of rising aids can make daily life easier for people living with restricted mobility, or health conditions, that make moving from a sitting position to a standing one difficult.

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With our helpful rising mobility aids, you can continue to move around your home independently, without feeling reliant on others to help you get up out of chairs without struggling.

Rising aids can be a particularly useful mobility aid for people living with weakness, or reduced mobility in their lower limbs, or for those with joint pain due to conditions, such as arthritis.

Lifting Cushions and Rising Aids

Lifting cushions and rising aids are designed to help you easily get up from a sitting position, whether that’s on a couch, or chair. With choices from electrical, spring-loaded, or inflatable cushions, you can find the ideal chair riser and seat assist to suit your needs and the layout of your living room.

Ability Superstore also has alternative options to cushions, such as the Couchcane, which can be placed under furniture to provide secure leverage and support when rising out of your seat.

Our lifting cushions and seats come in a choice of colours and styles, too, making them a highly practical, yet subtle, adaptation to your living room.

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