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What Are Bath Steps?

Part of our extensive range of bathroom aids, a bath step is a sturdy support to help in the bathroom. A bath step provides assistance when either stepping into and out of the bath, or alternatively, providing a step to use when, for example, reaching up to get an item out of a tall cupboard or cleaning high areas.

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What Our Team Say About Bath Steps 

Our dedicated team have spent many years working in the mobility aids and daily living products sector. They are very knowledgeable about the products we sell. They work with Kate Makin, our Occupational Therapist, to ensure that they provide the best advice when it comes to information about our thousands of mobility aid products.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Bath Steps?

These mobility aids help to reduce the distance required to step into and out of the bath, which is particularly helpful if you find it difficult to lift your legs up high.

Some come with an integrated handle which is extremely useful if you find that you are slightly unsteady on your legs, as it provides a safe support to hold on to as you are stepping in or out of the bath.

These aids provide independence to those who may struggle in the bathroom.

What Types Do You Offer?

There are many different types available. Our wide range includes stackable versions, which are useful if you want to be able to adjust the height of the step.

Strong plastic ones, which are usually white in colour, are easy to clean and fit in with most bathroom decors.

Strong metal versions are more contemporary in style and usually come complete with a textured rubber mat on the surface to help prevent slips.

Our bathroom aids range also includes wooden bath steps with cork tops – these provide a warm surface to step onto. Bath steps with integral handles – helpful for additional support whilst using the step, and one of our favourite is the bamboo Bath Step from Gordon Ellis. This mobility aid is stylish and has integral curves/grooves to provide a non-slip top and to help wick away any water.

Is A Bath Step Suitable For Me?

If you find that you need a little extra height when reaching for items in the bathroom, or you are struggling with stepping into and out of the bath, then a bath step may be a good solution however, if you are slightly unsteady on your feet, then we would recommend one with an integral hand rail.

Don’t forget – do not over stretch or over reach when using any form of step.

Is There Anything Specific To Look Out For?

Measure the area you have available, as these mobility aids are available in a range of different sizes. Also, do consider which style you prefer and whether an integrated handle would be a good additional safety feature.

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