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Back Care

Our range of back care aids can help you look after and care for your back and posture. With our array of health aids such as cushions, back braces and supports, this range has all you need to keep yourself comfortable and active.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

£37.00 inc VAT

Elastic Pregnancy Belt

£34.99 inc VAT


£109.99 inc VAT

Vulkan Support Rite Back Support

£28.33 inc VAT

Vulkan Professional Back Support Vertebrace

£15.83 inc VAT

Vulkan One Size Back Support

£25.00 inc VAT

Vulkan Back Support

£29.16 inc VAT

Vulkan Back Brace

£37.49 inc VAT

Universal Rib Support - Male

£29.99 inc VAT

Treat Your Own Back Book by Robin McKenzie

£19.99 inc VAT

Patterson Medical - Vulkan Airxtend Back Support

£26.99 inc VAT

Neoprene Double Pull Lumbar Brace

£28.33 inc VAT

Neoprene Back Brace

£14.99 inc VAT

Neo G Back brace w/ stays

£43.99 inc VAT

Memory Foam Lumbar Roll Cushion

£9.98 inc VAT

McKenzie Super Roll

£18.41 inc VAT

McKenzie Slimline Lumbar Support Roll

£14.99 inc VAT

McKenzie Original Lumbar Roll

£11.66 inc VAT

McKenzie Night Roll - Back And Neck Pain Relief

£22.00 inc VAT

McKenzie Heavy Duty Lumbar Roll

£9.99 inc VAT