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In this section, you will find our specialist dementia care items, all of which can help enhance the quality of life for those with dementia.

Our dementia products help your loved one feel comfortable where they are and make it easier for them to live comfortably and independently.

Activities and Stimulation

Engagement and mental stimulation are vital for individuals living with dementia. Our Activities and Stimulation subcategory offers a diverse range of products designed to provide meaningful engagement. From colouring books to reminiscence aids featuring imagery from past decades, to board games and jigsaw puzzles for cognitive exercise, and activity aprons that ease anxiety - each product is thoughtfully selected to promote mental agility and sensory experiences.

Care Home - Signage and Orientation

Creating a familiar and navigable environment is crucial for individuals with dementia, and our Care Home range of specially designed signage helps residents feel more at ease. Room-specific signs evoke a sense of familiarity, aiding in orientation within the care home setting. Clear, easy-to-read signage supports independence and minimizes confusion, fostering a comfortable and secure living environment.

Dementia Bathroom Aids

Our range of Dementia Bathroom Aids offers a selection of carefully curated products designed to enhance safety and comfort in the bathroom. Brightly coloured grab rails, toilet frames, and seats provide crucial support while contrasting with the environment for improved visibility and familiarity. These aids help individuals with dementia navigate the bathroom with confidence and ease, ensuring a secure and dignified personal care experience.

Dementia Clocks

Maintaining a sense of time and routine is essential for those living with dementia. Our Dementia Clocks are specially designed to provide clear and easily comprehensible time information. These clocks not only display the time but also include the date and indicate whether it's morning, afternoon, or evening, offering orientation and structure throughout the day. This aids in fostering a sense of independence and organization.

Dementia Walking Aids

Maintaining mobility and independence is crucial for individuals with dementia. Our range of Dementia Walking Aids offers brightly coloured walking frames that provide stability and support. These aids are designed to contrast with the environment, enhancing visibility and reducing potential hazards. By offering reliable support, these walking aids encourage safe and confident mobility.

Eating and Drinking

Enjoying meals independently and with ease is important for individuals with dementia. Our Eating and Drinking section features a range of brightly coloured plates, cups, and cutlery to enhance visual contrast, while sloped plates and curved cutlery accommodate various levels of dexterity. These aids stimulate appetite, make mealtimes more enjoyable, and promote a sense of independence.

These thoughtfully selected products aim to enhance the daily lives of individuals living with dementia, promoting comfort, safety, and a sense of independence.

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