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Dementia Bathroom Aids

Vibrantly coloured bathroom aids, such as coloured toilet seats and grab rails, can greatly benefit those with dementia. See our full range here.

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How do coloured toilet seats help those with dementia?

Testing in medical and residential facilities has proven colour vibrancy helps the seats to stand out sharply from regular bathroom colours, remove confusion and give users the confidence they need to use the toilet without the assistance of loved ones or medical staff.

What colour toilet seat is best for dementia patients?

The bright red and blue colours of our toilet seats can benefit those with dementia. The bright contrasting colour can help people remember where the toilet is, helping to reduce the distress and confusion when using the bathroom. This in turn will reduce the risk of any accidents.

What are the benefits of coloured grab rails for those with dementia?

Coloured grab rails can offer extra support, confidence and stability when getting in and out of the bath or shower, as well as a reduced risk of falls and improved safety. The vibrant colour can help those with dementia associate certain imagery with certain activities, such as having a wash or using the toilet.


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